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May we have a word?

What can top Easter? What is left to say? Well, turns out God has plenty to say. The Bible is filled with relevant and helpful instructions for all of us desiring to be our best version 2021. This weekend Journey Community Christian Church launches a new after Easter series, God did WHAT? We explore together some incredible things God has done throughout history and how it can affect us and our world today.

This weekend we’ll introduce this six week series with the topic = He spoke? if somehow, through a twist of fate and good fortune you grabbed an in person interview with God, what might He say? The big idea in this first session is that GOD SPOKE frequently in the Bible, and we should always listen.

Back to Easter 2021 just for a second. Journey Church experienced an amazing Easter with our largest in person audience, by far, since before COVID19 began. We had another post COVID baptism in our Journey Saturday@6pm service. Our Journey Sunday@10:30am needed a few extra chairs. Our online Easter weekend also had more than 200 views who shared some parts, if not all of our Easter 2021 message.

This was exactly the kind of worship gathering and shot in the arm everyone was needing. Many people have gotten vaccines, we continued to practice healthy practices, washing hands, and staying safe distances when possible. It was the type of Easter we had prayed might happen. We also prayed for Churches everywhere to have an Easter experience to remember. Jesus is alive. He is bigger than our problems. Jesus changes everything.

Once again, we hope you can return this weekend and begin the Journey with us through life changing God conversations in the Bible with regular people just like us. God is for everybody, not everybody knows, so we have to tell everybody.

Let others know Journey Church is the kind of place almost anyone could feel at home. Tell them we are beginning a brand new series, and God wants to have a “word” or two with all of us about the exciting future ahead. Tell someone, “Our best days are still in front of us, because of Easter morning.”

God can do anything; even raise the dead. Wow God. See you this weekend either in person or online for GOD SPOKE! Oh, one more thing, if you are still considering your baptism let us help you schedule a time. This can be a public decision in our worship together or a private time with family and friends. Just give me a call: 859.588.6642.

We are better together.

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