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Meet Your Neighbors Again

I have been outside Journey Church on the sidewalk, drinking coffee, and talking with my neighbors. This morning it is sunshine and 63 degrees. Who cares what the groundhog says, today is amazing. Journey Community Christian Church is located in a shopping mall across the street from Walmart, McDonald’s, and several local banks.

When we planted a different kind of church fifteen years ago our strategy was to locate wherever people move about each day. God could not have been more gracious than to help us find this gathering place next door to Auto Zone and a Ky Drug Recovery office. We are friendly neighbors.

Every weekend we share great tasting food and snacks from our Journey Church Coffee bar with business employees nearby. This simple act of thoughtfulness has created quite a friendly atmosphere. You can do the same. Get outside this Spring and meet your neighbors over the fence or down the sidewalk. Share kind words and maybe even a bite to eat next time you grill a burger and hot dog.

Our Journey mission statement: To create an irresistible passion for God and for people seeking him. This has kept us focused and on track for the past fifteen years. We have gotten better year after year finding creative ways to make someone’s day better tomorrow, than it was today!

You can do that also. Many of you do, who are regulars at Journey. Often, it takes just a few kind words, maybe a thoughtful action, handing some mail to someone whose mail got misplaced in your box. When people begin to pop outside their door after long winters just make it your personal mission to be nice. It’s nice to be nice. BE the church.

This weekend at Journey we continue our current series, GOOD CALL: no more D.I.Y. This time we jump into the Bible text 1 John 4 and discover that LOVING God and LOVING people is a test which God hands out each day. So far, we’ve learned 1- Trust God more, He wants to forgive sin, turn yourself in 2 - Obey God more, like red light, stop, green light, go 3- He transforms our life, Jesus completes the puzzle of life.

If any of this sounds helpful and hopeful, check out more this weekend. Invite someone/anyone to be your GUEST. We are filling up seats and Easter is going to be packed with new people arriving, churches everywhere. Jesus is trending around the world. Wow, God!

This weekend, part 4 we discover LOVE is a test. Loving God and loving people sounds simple enough. Truth be told, it is rather complex. We are all just people. On our worst days we can be running from God, fearing He is asks too much; or running from difficult people, who are too much!

Hope you will make plans to join us at Journey Church. Whatever happens today, get outside on this glorious morning; smile big and give your best hello to the first person you see. Good Call!


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