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Never a Good Look

Most people I know are fairly tolerant and try giving everyone a fair shake. If someone accidentally bumps into us in the check out line, its Ok. Most often the person quickly apologizes. We moved on without any blood or scars; it was an accident.

However, there is always someone in every crowd that seems to talk too loudly in public spaces. Or, that person with a line of traffic behind them; sitting at the green light checking text messages. We have our limit when people take things, a bit too far. We can lose patience when people are rude or disrespectful. It is never a good look.

This weekend at Journey Church we’re checking out another family in the Bible. The theme of this series is FAITHFUL. Last week we discovered that Moses had parents who were rather un-famous. However, they realized God had a plan for Moses life and guided him to fearless faith, contagious courage, and admirable action.

This was a terrific family plan for Moses future. His parents helped Moses become a legend in Bible history. If you missed that lesson it is still available on our Journey Church Cynthiana Facebook page. You can still check it out.

This weekend we dive into the Bible again exploring a very different family. Unlike Moses’ family, with parents who were positive role models, Eli the priest was unable or unwilling to guide his two boys in a positive direction.

Eli the priest allowed disrespect for authority to grow and worsen with his two sons. It was a bad look for everyone involved. Family failure and chaos soon became the end result.

If you would like to read ahead, 1 Samuel 2:12fl is the tragic story of Eli, a priest with two disrespectful sons. We are currently living in a time and age of disrespect for authority of all kinds. As bad as things appear today it’s not the first time in history people were known for disrespect.

As we check out the family of Eli the priest - we discover a few pitfalls to avoid in our own family today. Hats off to every parent and grandparent doing their best these days. With stress from high inflation costs, small margins of time, and concerns for illness it is not easy keeping our family focused and directed with positive thoughts.

Someone said, “Being a parent starts out as a DREAM to be the best parent ever. Then the baby ARRIVES and the parents discover that their DREAM yells and smells at 3’oclock in the morning!”

If you are ready after a long week for a little encouragement, join us this weekend at Journey Community Christian Church in-person or online. Invite a GUEST to join you and help them get a boost for their family as well. Most people really do “plan” to get back to church one of these days. Your INVITE might be just the little nudge they need.

Just tell them Journey will feed you good food at the coffee bar and then help you get on your best face for the day!

We are better together!

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