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Bobby's Thursday Blog

"Never forgotten"

My wife is a better person than I am. You can ask anyone. Our kids love her to death because she knows how to have fun. I am often too serious for fun and that is unwise for sure. This morning I had to write a handwritten Valentine note. Guess who didn’t stop at Kroger and get a card? Guess who did. Yep, a pretty red Valentine card was awaiting me at breakfast.

Of course I wrote, “I love you.” It broke down a bit when I made it rhyme with, “This bogus card will have to do!” She did laugh a little; maybe? I will try to be nicer the rest of today, I promise. Maybe dinner for two at her favorite eatery is doable in the near future.

As I was driving to the office this morning in the rain I passed the local garbage truck on his trash route. Today is our weekly garbage collection day. As the traffic slowed, and hurried people frowned, I wondered if the garbage truck driver got a Valentine card from anyone?

This weekend at Journey is part three of a series, MY BEST LIFE. My notes are taken right out of the Bible where helpful letters were written to encourage new churches and new Jesus followers. Sometimes I think people just feel like we are forgotten and under appreciated. If you’re feeling a little over looked this week during Valentine’s Day, hang on until the weekend.

God has promised to be with us through every experience in life. (Matthew 28:19-20). Life may feel lonely but we are never alone. This weekend we’ll share a couple practical steps in our every day experiences that can help us stay focused and on track. Our best days are still in front of us. God is guiding everyone to discover a worthy life.

Even on the worst days when it seems no one cares, God cares more. Even when we’ve disappointed ourselves because of a poor performance or distracted season in life, God still tugs and pulls us inside. We are welcomed around His table; God is for everybody.

I’m glad God never gives up on us; also glad my wife has a sense of humor. Hope you can join us at one of our Journey weekend services. Invite a guest who may feel under appreciated. God lifts the heaviest weights off our shoulders. Whatever you do today, even if you’re the garbage collector, God notices your effort.

People matter most. God says so.

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