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Not So Bad

As a kid growing up, lots of healthy discussion happened around our kitchen table. Mom usually had supper ready when dad got home from his delivery truck route. All us kids knew the routine: wash your hands & face and sit down; time for supper. Everyone then bowed their head and best I can remember, we took turns, somebody saying prayers, like, “Bless this gravy, hope it’s not wavy, Amen!”

After that, it was off to the races. Musical sounds like a symphony orchestra of bowls, plates, and glasses began clinking against forks and spoons. Even louder were voices saying, “Pass me some more mashed potatoes!” Our mom had the best mashed potatoes in town. Good things often happened around that big round table of food and laughter in our happy kitchen where I grew up.

Busy families today are missing something important when the whole family is unable to gather around great food at mealtimes. We trade natural moments to linger longer, growing deeper discussions, winding down the day, for busy activities after work/school, often until dark.

It is pretty hard to find agreement today. We may agree on this: "While, we can do anything, we can’t do everything!" Or maybe you have heard this one: “If everything is urgent, nothing is urgent!” The problem people face today (every family, every size) is that we actually try to do it all.

It leaves families feeling exhausted and fractured with impossible schedules to keep pace. I may be alone here, but I believe prioritizing regular times for food, family, and worship times are still vital elements for our healthiest family life. I believe that is also the picture we discover in the Bible, which never changes.

This weekend at Journey Church we take a look at more of Jesus life CHANGING lessons, often counter-cultural, and not the norm for His day. Part three in our current series, WHY? WHY NOT? we EXPLORE how to surrender control of our lives and BUSY schedules to God.

It may appear, counter-intuitive. HOWEVER, Jesus really changes everything. He guides us to view and understand,SLAVERY to His plan for OUR life is really forever FREEDOM!

When I was a kid, just having a good time, climbing trees outside, suppertime seemed to be an unwanted interruption. I can now look back, and know, it was NOT SO BAD after all. Will YOU give God a chance to show you a better WAY? Join us this weekend Journey Church Cynthiana Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am.

Let’s talk about it. WHY? WHY NOT? Building our meal times and worship times together; doing LIFE with one another is… NOT SO BAD. Jesus changes everything. FOR THE BETTER!

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