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Old Becomes New

If you are a twenty something probably you’ve already started to notice; some of your elementary school trends are trending again? Clothing styles, hairstyles, music playlist, movie sequels, and more, often return in cycles every twenty years or so.

It just makes sense. Sooner or later everyone grows bored of everything modern. After exhausting everything available on Amazon where does one go? Consumers of small things and big things today are searching for things unique. More and more young couples buying their first home, now look for an older home to restore to its glory days rather than a cookie cutter house in the neighborhood.

2020 has accelerated change for all of us; some bad and some good. Regardless, it has been a watershed moment for healthcare, politics, social justice, corporate and small businesses for-profit, and many other subjects quite important. Even non-profit Churches are having to learn to reinvent themselves by returning to simple church, utilizing smaller spaces and facilities with less programming and clutter. The whole pandemic world since COVID19 appeared feels like bell bottom pants and the Beatles long hair are back in style.

Can we agree? It’s a weird time in the world. This weekend I am trying something I have never done at Journey Community Christian Church. I told my youth minister I was going “old school” on him. I am editing, updating, and re-writing a series from the Book of Galatians which I shared twenty three years ago. We will cover Galatians verse by verse, chapter by chapter, like I did years ago.

I hope you will consider trying something which is newly refreshed and new again. I told Bryan, my youth minister, “What have we got to lose.” 2020 is a year for change. Maybe we will discover we like really this approach for right now; more clarity and focus on just one theme?

We’re not abandoning our mission of these last thirteen years to meet new people each week. We’re just creating new strategy and vision to address different audiences. We believe our online and in person audience will continue to gradually grow, as it now is. Having this one purpose and message for everyone over the next fourteen weeks from Galatians can help us remain even more glued together.

The series from Galatians is called, FREE. Someone has said, “Galatians is to Christians, what the Emancipation Proclamation was for slavery.” This weekend as we launch this study together the topic is BREAKING FREE. Have you ever felt as though you were shackled to the opinions of other people; their expectation and demands? Most people I know have felt this way at times.

Join us this weekend, Breaking Free, either in person or FB & website online. Journey Sat@6pm and Sun@10:30am. This Bible outline could be your REFRESHED and new beginning in 2020. This story of Galatians is written to encourage new & older Christians tired of trying to measure up to rules, ceremony, and traditions Jesus never intended for His Church.

You and I can be FREE today. Jesus says so. What shackles are holding you back? Let’s talk about your Jesus relationship? Text, email, call, or join us this weekend in person or online for live streaming. We are better together.

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