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This weekend we begin our summer series, THE BUCKET LIST. Over the next six weeks we’ll explore the Bible for solid advice for what I would like to accomplish, before I “Kick the Bucket.” This weekend I’ll pull the curtain back in my own life and share a few things I have considered on my list.

One thing I’ve noticed when updating my list for this series, some things appear more unattainable the older I become. Maybe it is time I began taking my “list of things” more seriously. If this topic interest you make a little space in your weekend schedule and join us either in person or online.

So much in life can feel like a big waste of time. Waiting in line, taking continuing education classes, eating healthier meals, renewing paperwork, and getting more sleep. We talk ourselves out of doing simple things that may be helpful. Even making the bed each day seems such a mundane activity.

Jesus has a life plan for everyone. Have you begun to embrace the concept? If not what holds you back? For some, our past mistakes may cause hesitation for making any decision. The Bible brings hope for change and progress. Our setbacks can be a setup for what God is working on in our life.

Join us this weekend Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am as we learn God will help put our past to rest. Making peace with our past may be the first step to a better future. Instead of dragging our disappointment from the past forward, into each new day of opportunity, we’ll share 5 steps which are practical and do able for everyone.

Letting things go again, can be so soothing and peaceful. For me I can imagine a peaceful place, walking slowly in the forest, beside a streams of water. If you can visualize your perfect spot with God, away from the normal clutter of life distractions, you are well on your way to finding a peaceful world again.

Looking forward to saying hello to you this weekend. Bring a seat buddy who also might be ready for a little focus time for what matters most. Let’s get to writing down some of those important things we would want to experience. Maybe this series will help you schedule something you’ve delayed for too long.

If you have never made a decision for immersion baptism lets talk. This series has a lesson to tach and describe how we can all do that. I will be praying for you as we begin this journey together. We really are better together.

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