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Priorities depend upon whom you are speaking with at the time. The following “Mom and her son” story help illustrate what I mean.

While I was shopping one Saturday, I sprayed my wrists with an expensive scent from a perfume counter’s tester bottle. I then continued my shopping exulting in the delicious fragrance. That evening as I was preparing our usual Saturday hamburgers, my husband said he had to run an errand and asked if I would like to ride along.

When I grabbed my jacket, I noticed the elegant scent of perfume still clung to the sleeves. I slid into the front seat of the car next to our nine-year-old-son. He sniffed and exclaimed, “Boy, you smell good,Mom!”

I replied, “Yes, I know! That’s my perfume I sprayed on my wrists while I was shopping today!“

He replied, “No, it isn’t. That’s hamburgers!”

Hamburgers and expensive perfume do smell good; God smells even better!

We’re excited to launch a brand new eight week series titled, FAITHFUL. Each week we are looking at relevant stories out of the Old Testament in the Bible. For some people, new to Bible study, this will be like discovering a treasure of “old stock"; a bit dusty, still on the shelf, but still in boxes never opened.

We’ll learn people in the Bible often had a long, personal HISTORY of maturity, growth, and development. Eventually, over time, many of them were able to demonstrate deeper FAITH with God. Just like you and I today, FAITH is a longer process. We are better together.

Each week I will introduce a main Bible character who is challenged to be FAITHFUL to God, no matter what may come. Each story has a specific point of emphasis. This weekend the main point is identifying our priorities. We read from Genesis 22:1-14. ABRAHAM passed the FAITH test and trusted God.

We use the following theme verse every week in the series. “And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who seek him.” Hebrews 11:6 NLT

If you are ready for new material from the Bible which builds stronger FAITH, this is your chance. Join us this weekend at Journey Sat@6:30pm & Sun@10:30am.

This new series will help refresh and refurbish our faith experience with God. If you like to read inspiring stories which transform our lives, this is for you. If you are thirsting for more FAITH this series is a place to get started. Will you pray about this series with me.

Why not invite someone who might also make a huge step forward with their FAITH. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend at Journey as we discover new insight and perspective on our priorities from the Bible.

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