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Returning Next Season

Here is the sports headline with CBS SPORTS HQ NEWSLETTER

Astros’ Dusty Baker will return as manger in 2023 after World Series Title. The 73-year old would like to win another World Series ring. Baker, 73 years old, just won his first world series title as a manager. That was the last box to check off as part of a 25-year career in the dugout.

Baker is the oldest active manager in MLB. He is the only manager in league history to guide five different franchises to the playoffs: the San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Washington Nationals, and the Houston Astros. He’s a three-time recipient of the Manager of the the Year Award. CBS SPORTS

Longevity as manager of a professional baseball team is challenging. Many factors come into play. Team ownership can occur, players change teams, some stars have season ending injuries. These uncertainties make championship seasons in baseball harder to predict.

If you had just won your first World Championship at age 73, would you be signing up for more? This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we wrap up our current fall series, FAITHFUL. For the last eight-weeks we’ve used eight words and eight stories of people like us who need to rest and refurbish their faith. If you missed any of those messages they are available on our website www.journeychurchsite.org

This weekend we take a look at Gideon in the Bible. Early on, Gideon felt unqualified to lead others to follow God. Gideon was fearful and unsure of his own faith at the time. Maybe you have felt that way also. Doing life with God each day is a growing process of faith. A little later, God helped Gideon answer his concerns and questions regarding faith. Gideon refreshed and refurbished his FAITH through courage and COMMITMENT.

If you have ever doubted yourself or your ability, Gideons’ story is sure to inspire you. It’s never over and it’s never too late when God is in our story. Invite a friend, family, or stranger to join us this weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana in person or online. Journey Sat@6pm is a small audience. If you like a larger crowed join us Sun@10:30am.

We really are better together. The story of Gideon is a relevant story about people, just like us; periods of struggle and doubts. Everyone I know has a season come along with a few peaks and valleys, ups and downs, winning and losing like any sports team. Whether we are 7 or 73 God always has big plans for our life.

If you have been planning to join us in person again this might be the perfect weekend. What do Dusty Baker and Gideon of the Bible have in common? Both decided to come back for another season. Both had a box they had wanted to check off before it became too late in the game of life. Dusty Baker won a World Series and Gideon led God’s people to victory against one of their their worst enemies in the Bible.

If you want to know more join us this weekend and bring your most difficult dreams and ambitions. Bring a seat buddy along. Tell them with God anything is possible. God does impossible things.

And remember: It’s impossible to please God without faith. See you you this weekend for our finale message called FAITHFUL!

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