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Secret Sauce

Who wouldn’t like to own the original recipe to Coca-Cola; which began in 1886! You would be rich today. John Stith Pemberton the creator kept the ingredients secret from everyone. Almost every famous invention or recipe though out history began with some shroud of secrecy.

Everyone is a little edgy these days following a worldwide pandemic. Politics seem to be more divisive than ever. Larger countries threaten to invade smaller bordering countries at any moment around the globe. Sports teams get into heated shoving matches, or worse, when cross words are spoken in a game. One of my favorite sports radio announcers often says, “Things are getting a little chippy on the floor right now.”

Families are no different either. Tensions run high and patience is running thin at the end of challenging days. Who wouldn’t like to discover the secret sauce for having fewer disagreements in the world? This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we’re wrapping up our current series from JAMES.

This weekend from James chapter four we’ll identify four basic rules for every family, nation, or ball team to follow. Real solutions to our struggles which promise greater success in de-escalating squabbles of all kinds.

If you’ve become wearied of divisive people and topics, join us this weekend. Journey Church Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am. Bring a seat buddy. Tell them to come and check things out. Explain we are going to share a common sense plan for getting along better with everyone.

See you at the Journey Church front door for a little refresher course in making more friends and being more neighborly. Tell someone, "Jesus really is the secret sauce to a much better life." The Jesus recipe is no longer kept a secret. He is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody.

Let’s do this….

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