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Seeking Glory

March Madness begins this week for Men’s and Women’s College Basketball. Brackets will be filled out, projecting winners and losers in each Regional Conference Championship. Ultimately the 2020/2021 National Champion of Men’s College basketball will be crowned at the Final Four, April 3 & 5, Indianapolis, Indiana.

As a result of COVID19 restrictions, nearly all 67 games of the Men’s National Championship Tournament will be played on two courts inside Lucas Oil Stadium along with several nearby courts in the Indianapolis area. College basketball teams and fans waited all year for the opportunity to compete once again. Last years NCAA Men's Basketball Championship was cancelled for the first time in history due to COVID19 health issues.

One thing is certain: every player and fan is hoping their team wins and moves on to the next round. I am a lifelong basketball fan living in Kentucky, a state which is crazy about men’s and women’s college basketball. The past year has had so much negativity with cancellations and life interruptions. However, maybe we learned a few positive things along the way.

Just like everyone else, I have been forced to ponder things I’ve missed this year, even more than sports or eating out with friends. Isolation and uncertainty has caused us to reflect more deeply upon essential things in life. Everyone knows someone whose health was affected by this virus and pandemic in some way. If you and loved ones remained healthy throughout this past year, or recovered from illness, you are feeling grateful and blessed.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we wrap up our current series, ASSURED, certain things, I’m certain about, and the take-away: God desires we remain faithful no matter what may come. If you can clear a few minutes in your busy weekend schedule join us either in-person or online. I promise this look at 3 John in the Bible will bring needed assurance and reassurance for us.

“In a recent survey of millennials, 50% of young adults said that a major life goal was to become famous.” For many years people desired doing something good and helpful. Now, being a celebrity has become an end in itself.

One thing this past year should have taught us, fame and celebrity are not quite as important as PEOPLE. We might have thought chasing “celebrity status” or making the “Top Ten” on ESPN nightly SportsCenter News was THE worthy goal? Maybe this past year helped us clarify what is truly essential?

Join us this weekend at Journey Church as we explore together the worthy things in life, worthy of our lifelong pursuit. Seeking God’s glory, not our own, is a good place to begin (Psalm 26:12).

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