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No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Maybe your heart is for the people suffering in Haiti? Besides 3rd world poverty, horrible crimes are being committed against innocent people by thugs and gangs of criminals. Pray and do what you can. Maybe the devastating condo collapse in Florida has broken your heart? The tragic personal stories of lives lost? Pray for any survivors and those digging through the rubble for days. Pray specific prayers when we can.

Journey Community Christian Church will celebrate their fourteenth birthday July 15th. The weekend of July 17/18 we will have a cake for everyone to enjoy on the Journey coffee bar along with “Fred’s famous coffee.” Looking back again, over the years, Journey made plenty of “boo boos” and mistakes. I am happy to report we learned from many of them. No one gets it right all the time, we’re not Jesus; we did stay focused on the mission.

Today, Journey Church is more confident and focused than ever. No one was really talking about new church planting in 2007. We weren’t sure what we were doing but trusted God to help us become a different kind of church on purpose. We desired to be a church for people who didn’t go to church.

After a couple years meeting at the High School, we settled into the current lease location. Strategically located next door to Auto Zone and the Ky Recovery Clinic in the local strip mall. This is where we have met people every day who have needed a little boost or friendly hello. With God’s help and continued outreach, focusing on people who don’t go to church, we’ve become the Church where PEOPLE MATTER MOST.

This has been and continues to be the label and brand of Journey Community Christian Church. It is the great adventure with God in our community. Journey Church can be really exhausting and never ending things to do. We like this and believe a high expectation church is what Jesus had in mind.

This weekend in our current summer series, THE BUCKET LIST, we open the Bible and discover a blueprint for making the greatest impact, sharing Jesus love for everyone. We believe people need a God-size purpose. If this is the sort of thing that gets you up each day, join us this weekend, Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am. You can drive in person or join us online with our Facebook livestream. Check things out and let us know what you think.

We can’t guarantee this is the church you’ve always been searching for, but I promise we will be friendly and helpful. We would do almost anything to make your day better tomorrow, than it was today. Most people who arrive at our front door, decide to come back again and again. We like to say, “Journey Church is contagious; if you come three times in a row, you’re never leaving!”

Let’s do this. God is for everybody, not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody. Hope to see you this weekend. Bring a seat buddy if you can. Momentum has begun inside Journey Church once again.

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