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Summer Reading List

Besides reading my Bible daily, I also enjoy summer reading which inspires me. Right now, I am in a small group with a few guys at Journey. We are in chapter six of “Dream Big", by author, Bob Goff. What about you? Are you finding a little extra time to relax and read for enjoyment? Even if you’re not a regular book reader I encourage you to try finding a book with a topic which interests you.

I recommend the Bob Goff book for anyone who wants a little motivation for pursuing their life ambitions and goals. Bob states, “The three most important questions to answer are, 'WHO are you? WHERE are you? WHAT do you want?'” Sometimes ambitions and goals get put aside for various reasons.

Bob offers readers a pathway for reaching ambitions; not letting everyday, mundane, but necessary stuff, distract from DREAMING BIG! I hope you will take some time before the summer ends, looking inward a little deeper at who you’ve become this year. Take a few moments reflecting on where you are right now, what you would like to do next?

Joining a Journey small group might be just the place for you to dive into for personal growth. Let us know how to help? Becoming a healthy person requires discipline and clear pathways for our success. Journey Community Christian Church is here to help you become a better version of yourself. We are better together.

Join us this weekend if you are in town. We celebrate Journey Church and our 15th birthday. Scheduled for Sunday right after our morning worship is an old fashioned summer Ice Cream Social event with activities and games for the kids. There will be cake, ice cream, and sandwiches for everyone. See our Journey Church Cynthiana Facebook page for what you are to bring; call or text us at the office.

This weekend we share a new 4 WEEK summer series, FIVE EASY STEPS TO WRECK YOUR LIFE. We are better together. No one walks out the door to work or school each morning, saying, “I think I’m going to wreck my life today!” However, life come at us fast, as they say. NO one really sees “it” coming. We’re not robots. Not even little Jesus figures walking around. It’s can be more like “minions” bumping into things, getting hurt, and hurting somebody.

This will be a great series to focus and recalibrate a pathway which leads to more successes in life. Like the book, I mentioned above, God wants us to keep dreaming BIG, doing amazing things in the world each day. We don’t have to just settle for average or mediocre ambitions. God is with us. He has a plan for our future which is exciting. It may not always be easy, but it is never impossible.

Join us either in person or online this weekend = Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am. Invite someone to our our GUEST for our summer food and fun together. See you at the Journey front door.

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