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Take a bite....

When my grandson Micah was much younger, he had misbehaved; his mom put him in time-out in the other room. When he had served the sentence he burst into the room again shouting, “Yes, freedom!” We all cherish our freedom, don’t we?

Freedom is back in style again, as they say; I guess, it has always been. This weekend at Journey we explore chapter two from Colossians. If you get a chance you might want to read the whole chapter before we gather in weekend worship.

In this outline we discover that even in Church our freedoms can be limited and restricted by others, unfairly. Sometimes rules, rituals, and regulations become smothering and counter productive to our growth as Jesus followers.

The Apostle Paul wrote this part of the Bible for new Jesus followers who had lost a bit of their confidence. In Chapter one Paul had urged these young followers of Jesus to not lose sight; Jesus is their rescue. No matter his or her fumbles and turnovers in the game of life Jesus offers a comeback to everyone.

If you’ve felt like both private and public worship gets complicated and difficult to follow and fulfill this lesson, chapter two may be helpful. If you’ve got a friend who has lost sight of simple church, Love God, love people, this outline may renew our faith to not give up on ourselves. When things get a little stuffy inside church with restrictive sounding man-made rules for worship and behavior, discover Jesus again; He will help you breathe.

Jesus said He came to set us free and give us an abundant life John 8:36; John10:10. Invite others to try Church again; it’s not too late. If we discovered a wonderful place to eat with food out of this world, we would want others to try a bite themselves.

Jesus really is for everybody. Ask someone you know, who longs for spiritual nourishment and freedom to taste and see for themselves, Take a bite for the freedom Jesus brings us all. It really is… MY BEST LIFE.

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