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“Paul and Silas then traveled through the towns of Amphipolis and Apollonia and came to Thessalonica, where there was a Jewish synagogue. As was Paul’s custom, he went to the synagogue service, and for three Sabbaths in a row he used the Scriptures to reason with the people. He explained the prophecies and proved that the Messiah must suffer and rise from the dead. He said, ‘This Jesus I’m telling you about is the Messiah.’ 4 Some of the Jews who listened were persuaded and joined Paul and Silas, along with many God-fearing Greek men and quite a few prominent women.” Acts 17:1-4 NLT

Have you ever wondered, Why we do that? Why we preach/teach in church? If by chance you are not a regular attender in a weekly worship gathering, if you’re not a student of Bible history, you may have a few questions? You may wonder why churches do what they do every weekend? Journey Church Cynthiana is in the summer series, ELEMENTS, which helps answer some WHY questions regarding Church today?

This weekend we’ll explore the Bible for more clues. WHY do Churches go to so much trouble? Why do they plan graphics for screens and music for sharing? Why is a speaker presenting a verbal (now in person & digital online) Bible message every 6-7 days, weekend after weekend? Have you ever wondered if there is a good reason for this or just a tradition?

Turns out there really is a pretty good reason for a public speaker to present a helpful and relevant Bible message each time people gather in worship settings. If you are not a regular at a church - Why not give it a try? I promise you if you come three times in a row to Journey Community Christian Church, you’re hooked. Just like those God fearing people in the text above; they came three times in a row and never left.

I shared my first public message from the Bible - 1 April, 1978 in Grayson, Ky. The text was from Joshua 6-8. It sure didn’t sound like a Billy Graham Crusade. I presented my best outline that lasted only about 12 minutes. That pretty much exhausted my complete treasury of Bible knowledge and information at the time.

Join us this weekend Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am. What should you expect? What do you need to know before you arrive? Friendly people will welcome you at the front door. When you step inside you will hear popular music in the background. Probably you will smell some coffee brewing and something good to eat on our Journey coffee bar.

Once the service begins other people will join you in following the music and message of the day. The current summer series is something like the popular media word game, Wordle. We guess a Bible word like a puzzle on social media. I’ll help you fill-in a few blanks = words that describe WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO.

I can’t promise it will be over in just 12 minutes. My messages have gotten a little longer over the years. I hope that is a good thing for everyone. I do give you permission to help me wrap things up, if it goes too far overtime. You can just hold up a handwritten sign and help remind me: 12 minutes: Remember, you’re done! Haha

Come and join us. Bring a Journey guest to check things out. I can imagine they will REALLY like it and say: TELL ME MORE…

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