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"This stuff takes time"

Whatever your politics, President Trump gets a lot of criticism for over reaction. I’m not even talking about his policies you may agree with or disagree with. I am referring to his quick trigger finger on his Twitter account. He is pretty swift to make public statements, maybe before thinking through the impact.

But hey, maybe everyone should give him a chance. He has never been the President of the United States before. Who would know all this stuff? Like being a first time parent, first time employee at a new job, first team made up of freshmen players, or first time Jesus follower, this sort of stuff takes more time than we first imagine.

This weekend is the final lesson from our current series, MY BEST LIFE. We’ve been exploring practical and relevant Bible instructions for the best version of life that is available to all of us. This series taken from Colossians and the Apostle Paul’s writings to the early church began chapter one, with a big shout out to all new Jesus followers; Paul said, “Way to go, guys!”

This weekend in chapter four we’ll learn that being devoted and crazy in love with God is our best life. Below is a definition of devotion. Check it out.

DEVOTI0N – noun “ love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.” Two examples - 1) religious worship or observance 2) prayers or religious observances.

If you are still feeling irregular in your worship and prayer time each day because of small margins in your busy schedule, it’s Ok, to not be Ok. The Bible explains this kind of stuff takes time to learn and practice. Regular attendance in a worship gathering and an effective prayer life is not automatic. Tell other people you are still learning about this crazy love God has for people. Invite someone to be your guest this weekend and check things out.

It may not be what they first imagine. Hey, they may discover a place where they feel they could return and call this their family. My best life began on my best day, when I made my best decision, to choose Jesus. This can be everyone’s story; so keep praying, it takes time.

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