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Fall officially arrived yesterday, September 22nd, without a lot of fanfare. Our local Kentucky weather day was wet and cool. Of course it has been wet with lots of precipitation for the last couple of years, it seems. Out West droughts have made headlines for months, while the South and Midwest have seen floods and lots of rain.

Right on schedule, heavy rain arrived, overnight, with a cold front moving through our area, dropping temperatures from the middle 70’s to lower 60’s Wednesday morning. The rest of the week appears to have clouds and rain clearing out with cooler temperatures remaining.

Likely, we’re going to see cooler weather begin to dominate the fall and winter forecast each day. Unless you work for the WEATHER CHANNEL or are an editor for THE FARMER’S ALMANAC, not a lot of breaking news around seasonal temperature changes which happen each year.

We seem to talk a lot about the weather, but it is what it is; it’s the weather. It becomes a trending topic when someone with great passion for changing weather systems gets five minutes of fame on local TV or radio weather reports. They begin to describe things which often are normal seasonal changes somewhere in our world.

In a funny sort of way, I feel a little bit like the local weather person. I can understand his/her tribe. As a pastor/minister for the last forty plus years who has passionately spoken daily/weekly about church things, it becomes naturally more difficult to muster enthusiasm from the local church audience. Like I said, it is what it is; it’s church stuff.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we resume our back-to-school, fall series, titled VITAL CHURCH. I am spending our time digging around in a very short letter called TITUS in the Bible. It is only 3 chapters long with 896 total words. This little gem is filled with practical advice and relevant suggestions for ways to make the Church trending news every day.

If COVID19 life has felt a bit like the movie, Groundhog Day, one day repeated over and over, this series is for you. If you have felt stuck in a scene from an episode of Twilight Zone join us this weekend, we’ll do a jailbreak together. I promise to put on my best happy face and present a passionate message from the Bible.

This weekend we explore how Jesus followers might be most effective influencers, by leading effectively, relating to everyone, and be real and genuine always. If you would like to read ahead, just open your Bible and check out these three little chapters in Titus. You may discover you like the Bible stuff…

See you either Journey Sat@6pm/Journey Sun@10:30am, in person or online. Let’s be a trending church in our community, who always shares, Jesus message with everyone. “Come and See, I have found the One we have been looking for!”

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