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Unlike the Weather

As I stepped inside the office this morning the sun was beaming bright, birds were chirping nearby and people we’re waving hello. Clearly, springtime weather is arriving and the whole world is affected. People and animals appear more sociable; my two warm weather Chihuahua’s are happy.

People sharing conversations and eating outside at tables along city sidewalks is not far away now. Better experiences has been a long time coming, it seems. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the first COVID19 case in Kentucky. Of all places this might happen, Cynthiana, our home town, became ground zero at that time.

Somebody had to be first. Our small community shined for many others as an example how to work together, making progress each day. Shout out to everyone, every community, city, county and state pulling together, finding helpful and healthy solutions during the global pandemic. We are better together, always.

What everyone really needs during times of uncertainty is people willing to demonstrate consistent behavior, whatever the circumstances. Science and computer models help us predict unfriendly weather patterns. Still, who could imagine on top of quarantines and vaccines our weather would suddenly go “janky” everywhere.

Below zero temperatures in Dallas and Houston with ice storms throughout the South for days were the headlines. Even as I write today, Southern Kentucky is recovering from historic floods from last weekend. People are ready for our world to catch a break and enjoy normal things once again.

If you are ready for a little distraction from the elements and craziness in 2020/2021 hang on, God is working on it right now. He hasn’t forgotten us or His world He created. Easter is four weeks away; Jesus is living proof God can do anything. Science can’t explain, predict, or control everything. God can. He is bigger.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we explore more details from the Bible (1, 2, 3 John) for being consistent, kind, and caring people. This lesson may be just what we all ned to hear. Our series title is ASSURED, and we’re finding Certain things, we can be certain about.

Check us out if you have a few moments to spare this weekend. Join us in person or online Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am. The worst sort of stormy weather always seems to appear when it is darkest. People are just people; we need a reference point allowing us to see into the distance and darkness. I John 2 teaches, Jesus Himself is our daily reference point for public and private decisions in life, good days and bad.

Weather can be so unpredictable. Jesus is never in doubt. We can trust Jesus, Who is the source of all Truth. Certain things I am certain of, Jesus never changes. He is our fixed reference point now and forevermore.

Hoping to see you this weekend at Journey Church. Stay tuned in, we have exciting news we’ll share in the next couple of weeks regarding Journey Easter weekend gathering, April 3/4. Take someone to lunch this weekend, sit outside if you can, iNVVITE them to consider joining YOU for Easter celebration.

Wow, God!

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