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Unusual, in a Good Way

July 15th, Journey Community Christian Church had a birthday. Journey is now an older “teenager,” so to speak. Through the years we made a ton of miscues and had to clean up numerous mishaps. To be frank, we didn’t know what we were doing when we planted a new church in our community fifteen years ago.

Being a young church is very much like being a young adolescent. You will discover some things work great, others not so much. Our original mission/vision was to be a different kind of church on purpose. We didn’t want to duplicate what already existed in our community. Instead, we wanted to work with messy people. Helping them discover God is for them, not against them.

We wanted to be a church for people who don’t go to church. It is a huge ambition and dream. But it is not impossible; God is with us. This mission is still our big dream and passion in our community = To create an irresistible passion for God and for people seeking Him.

Believe it or not we see some success after fifteen years. This long-term, every day, constant commitment to a mission for people who don’t just don’t know, or have forgotten, God is good is starting to pay off.

We are seeing results, often unusual, but really good stuff. Today, we had a Thursday morning (9am) baptism. That may be a little different for most churches. What were you doing this morning at 9 am? Over the years we have baptized nearly 150 people; helping them get their Jesus story started.

That may not seem like a lot of baptisms if you are in a larger church family? Journey is still a small group of people when we gather in person and online for weekend worship. Our impact though is often seen in lots of unusual ways. A couple of neighbors from Auto Zone dropped by today just for moral support and a prayer. They don’t go to church here but our door is always open and they trust Journey, like a friend. We are their friend!

Our goal is to keep baptizing people, people, who just don’t know things can get better, much better, with Jesus. And then help them become a consistent follower (disciple) of Jesus. We plan to send them out to tell somebody else, God is good. It’s like being on a mission for God. Journey is a place a disciple makes another disciple. You know, just GO get your brother or neighbor at work. Cool stuff.

I can’t explain how it works, except God makes stuff happen here every week. This weekend we wrap up our current series, LIVING BEYOND MYSELF. This last episode is intended to get everyone on board, DOING GOOD things everywhere, all the time. Join us and we’ll share more details and pics about the Thursday morning baptism.

Hey, let me know if you or a friend are ready to dive in. We are ready to schedule YOUR baptism whatever day is best!

WE are better together. Keep it up. Our best days are still in front of us all….

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