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"What does faith look like"

We all know there is no silver bullet or stake in the heart that kills the monster in our life, but we still look and hope. From childhood we’ve all had a nightmare or two about the monster under the bed. But somehow, with coaching and love most of us are able to overcome unrealistic fears that frighten the daylights out of us.

How do you do it? How do you fight the demons of despair. Me, I like to read books that inspire. I am a sucker for children’s story books because they all seem to have a theme I need also. Like, the 1930’s children’s classic, “The Little Engine That Could.”, One of the lines often repeated in the book, “I think I can, I think I can,” was just enough, each time the little train engine faced a steep climb over a mountain.

The short children’s story is used to teach and inspire optimism and hard work. Who doesn’t need this? Even as adults life can be too much, more than we can endure; mountains too high to climb it can seem. If you are feeling a bit winded right now I want you to consider joining us

in person or online this weekend for part two in our current summer series, Miracles. We are in this together.

If you missed last weekend check it out on our website or Journey app. Go to the app store and download our free app. Check out the website

This weekend in our Sat@6pm and Sun@10:30am service we’ll explore together what real faith looks like, lived out by people like us. If you were taking a spiritual inventory and asked, “Is your faith life growing or shrinking?” right now, how would you respond. Together we’ll make a few notes on some of the obstacles to growing deeper, stronger faith. I promise we’ll do our best to help everyone walk away feeling more confident. In fact, with just a little more God we’re going to all be saying: “I KNOW I can.”

If you have intended to INVITE a Journey guest this year this might be the perfect time. Make a special effort to connect or reconnect before the summer opens up and families begin their travel. Make your invite easy and helpful. Tell others why you have stuck around at Journey Community Christian Church. Maybe yo can help clear away fears of the unknown like a boogie man under the bed. Most new people tell us their experience at Journey when they arrived was friendly and felt like a family welcome.

See you this weekend for part two, Miracles.

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