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What happened to manners?

I was recently watching TV programming and the little girl and mom were having some disagreement. The young lady was maybe six years old. She kept repeating to her mom, “Don’t be rude.” It made me chuckle to myself, wondering how she learned this word so young. Mom must have spent some time speaking about proper manners and the young daughter had listened.

This morning as I had my oatmeal and coffee breakfast I was once again thinking about manners. The early morning newscast host I was watching was interviewing a guest from another location. It wasn’t a breaking news story and clearly the guest only had a couple minutes to answer the question given to him for the interview.

What stunned me was how quickly the network news cut off the conversation in mid-sentence with the friendly guest. They switched to a scheduled commercial break without a blink. Some poor fellow who got out of bed very early in the morning to give his two cents for two minutes was brushed aside without even getting to say goodbye. I wanted to complain like the young girl and say, “Don’t be rude.”

Manners for the most part, seem to have been lost in the high weeds somewhere along the trail. When you hear someone being polite in conversations, waiting for the other person to finish their sentence it does not seem normal. If you meet someone who is teaching manners, thank them; if you meet someone using good manners, thank them also. In both cases they are above average in my book.

This weekend is part two from the book of James. We’ll discover 3 words that are present when good manners are being used. If you’re one of those people who like a little taste before the whole meal is served, here are the 3 words: CARE, SHARE, & DARE.

People who follow Jesus should be above average. We should be the gold standard on every board, every friendship and relationship that matters. We should be people who have good manners because Jesus would.

Join us in one of our weekend services. I just had a friend ask me what time is our Saturday Journey service? We have a big sign posted on the building even a blind man could see. But most of miss the obvious. I wasn’t insulted; I wanted to use good manners and help any way I can. Maybe people just don’t know our Saturday service is 6pm each weekend. Maybe we have to tell them and bring them too.

Good manners is not normal.

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