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What is a Fret?

If you are a musician of any sort maybe you imagine the “frets" on a guitar? I’m not a guitar player but the dictionary described a fret – “any of several narrow, lateral ridges fixed across the finger board of a banjo, guitar, mandolin to regulate the fingering.” Siri told me “frets on the guitar are the metal strips placed along the fretboard.”

I’ve hardly even strummed an air guitar before. But I assume when moving your fingers across the fretboard and pressing on a fret, this becomes the finger action to play different notes. All of you musicians I am sure have a much better way to explain the fret on a guitar.

None-the-less, the type of fret I am more familiar with is what we often call someone who is overly anxious, bothered and fretful. Maybe you know someone who is or might be characterized as the “worry wart?” Here's one of the dictionary definitions of this person: “Those who lets things “eat away; gnaw; to wear away.”

We’re all human, and sometimes things really can get to us. The Bible cautions us about letting situations in life irritate, annoy, disturb and worry us sick. Still, in all honesty, things do have a way of gnawing at us, until eventually, we are affected. Worry can eat away our hope and confidence; it can become a sickness.

This weekend is the final episode from the Bible and the letter called Philippians. We’ll grab a few more insights from the life of the Apostle Paul, writing about his own fretful experiences. If you have ever thought of yourself as someone who on occasion can fret about things this may be the lesson you’ve needed to hear.

All of these Bible lessons with instructions for Jesus followers are on our Journey website. Go to www.journeychurchsite.org and click on the current series, Comeback. We are in this together; providing this online may help you.

This is truly a place where those who don’t go to Church could feel they belong. Maybe you have a friend or acquaintance open and ready for you to INVITE them to be our guest. Just help them arrive and check out the Journey weekend gathering place at The Square. I promise most every person who shows is surprised and gives positive reviews after coming inside.

You can coach and guide someone to better understand that real joy is found in a developing relationship with God through Jesus. We can learn not to fret so much.

And don’t leave out what we always share: Jesus is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody!

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