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What Just Happened?

This is funny, I guess. It is a little embarrassing to admit though. I recently discovered my “smart” phone device has a free compass app on my iPhone. While opening the compass app I was amazed how easily it identified which direction I was pointed. It is large and very readable for anyone. Then, I also noticed at the bottom of the compass screen an elevation number registering feet above/below sea level. I was amazed at the moment.

I was so impressed with my free “compass’” discovery. However, when sharing this with Connie, somehow, I lost the elevation data. Isn’t this just like technology? About the time you discover some new trick with your smart phone device, you click the wrong thing, or miss the update and lose whatever it was you just discovered.

I admit, I am not as “smart” as a fifth grader. I know for sure I’m not as “smart” as my smart phone. I tried to watch a Youtube video. The guy speaking was 12 years old and speaking from a foreign country. He said, “easy peasy!” I still didn’t get it figured out. Just saying.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we’ll take a look at the second episode of our current summer series. This series is titled, FIVE EASY STEPS.. TO WRECK YOUR LIFE ! This time we’ll talk about = HOW to drift away from God. How does that happen? It is like having a helpful compass with all the best information for your journey ahead, suddenly, going haywire. We’re left standing there asking, what just happened?

Author, Bob Goff suggests in his book Dream Big, brutal honesty is needed to reach our “dreams and ambitions in life.” Author, Randy Frazee says, we can, “know the WAY to God = through Jesus and His Word = but somehow get lost in our journey (John 14:1-4).” Isn’t this just like being a Jesus follower? As soon as we discover what Jesus really has planned for us; our mission and purpose in life = we begin to drift off course a bit, like our compass isn’t working properly. We’re left wondering, what just happened?

If this sort of navigational discussion through life’s confusing twist and turns, resonates with you, join us this weekend Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am. INVITE a friend to come check things out. I promise this will be easier than watching a tutorial on YouTube for recalibrating your compass.

No one plans on getting spiritually lost and messing things up. Not after getting our Jesus story started for sure. However, as author, Peter Greer, describes in his book, Mission Drift, “We can drift from our founding mission. It’s that simple.”

Hope to see you this weekend? And hey, if you have any simple tips on how I might get my free compass working again, including the ELEVATION stuff pull me aside this weekend… just saying!

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