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Whatever Works!

“One evening a husband was being a nuisance with the remote control, surfing all the channels. The wife said, “You know it really IRKS me when you flip through the channels like that.” The husband glanced over at her, then started, whistling. “Now, what are you doing,” she snapped? The husband smiled and said, “Well, I thought I might as well, WHISTLE while I IRK!”

Even before COVID19 arrived in the world, people were highly capable of frustrating one another. Sometimes we “irk” each other at work, home, and even at church. This is not so funny in real life when it happens.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we’re sharing another life lesson together from Galatians in the Bible. We have titled this series, FREE, and established that Jesus came to set us free from legalism, having to live up to other peoples demands and expectations. John 8:31-32, 36. We need to find a way to get along better.

Whatever obstacles you are facing in 2020 God is bigger. Whatever is holding us back from experiencing the abundant life, full life, Jesus had in mind (John 10:10) it’s never too late. You are invited to join us inside Journey in person or online. We stream our Saturday Journey @6pm and also Sunday@10:30am. You can find us on our website www.journeychurchsite.org or Journey Cynthiana FB page.

If you are our guest in person we are following suggested health guidelines, staying 6 feet apart, wiping everything down before you arrive. Masks are not required inside but are recommended if you have any concerns. Our front door greeter is wearing a mask and will hold open our door for you.

This weekend we’ll explore from the Bible how to have more fun and enthusiasm at church, home, and the workplace in all our relationships which matter. If you are having a particularly bad time right now staying positive this outline may help. We say it all the time, this does not make it less true: We are better together.

If you are ready to come back inside the Journey worship area 6 feet apart , we’re ready for you. If you are still unclear what is the timing for a small group of people to gather in person that’s ok also. Join us with our digital worship and stay connected to your church family in that way.

Whatever works.

P.S. - Looking for a a little teaser? Here’s the 3-part prescription to more enthusiasm: 1- Remember God’s promises 2- Review the purpose of God’s rules 3- Recognize everyone is eligible to receive forgiveness.


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