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Which Is It?

What say, you? Are you more the type of person who says, “Rain, rain, go away, come again, some other day!” Are you constantly frustrated by plans which seem interrupted by circumstance? Or are you better described as someone singing and dancing in the shower like the Gene Kelley, 1952 musical comedy film, “Singin’ in The Rain?“

Which is more like you? Are you more of the optimist or pessimist? Do you try making lemonade out of lemons? This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we begin a new winter series, taken from JAMES in the Bible. Wow, this series is going to be great; the sort of stuff we can all use.

If you’ve about had it educating kids at home, learning someone is sick, changing work plans last moment, or broke trying to pay grown up bills, come and join us for a boost of energy. We really are better together. Join us if you can; I promise you will walk away feeling much better about life’s ever changing circumstance.

Hey, who hasn’t wondered WHEN will this ever end? It’s OK to not be OK. Just don’t stay there. God is with us, He for us; He is turning things around, right now. Make sure to share invites with your family and friends. Everyone is tired of cold winter weather everywhere. This series from the Bible can the reset you have been waiting for!

This weekend in our first episode, we’ll identify three possibilities for staying positive more often. Who doesn’t need a little help? Here is the best preacher line I’ve heard all week: “People ask: Do I really need Jesus to go to heaven? Bro…. You need Jesus just to go to Walmart!”

Let’s do this together. We’ll use the Bible to discover three strategies for renewed faith, confidence and positivity regardless our weather or circumstance. Join us in person or online. Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am.

Block your calendar NOW. Make this four week series a priority. I promise the series will be a BIG LIFT for everyone. Try this first weekend and get things started. If it isn’t as I advertised, you don’t have to come back. Over the next month (4 weeks) we consider topics like Troubles which won’t leave, achieving more than Average, the out of control Tongue , and Solutions for disputes.

Rain, snow, sleet, or hail… just be here….

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