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Who Am I?

Author and speaker, Bob Goff writes in his book, Dream Big - “The “three most important questions in life to answer for achieving your dreams and ambitions, WHO are you, WHERE are you, and WHAT do you want?” If you are looking for a little traction or maybe clarification for the future, grab this book, it will help.

If you would like to take a test drive before purchasing a $25 book gathering dust on your bookcase, jump online Tuesday evening with our Zoom small group. They are going through the book together. If you are wearied of virtual meetings, just join us, in-person. My weekly small group meets inside Journey Church, each Tuesday, 5pm for about an hour. We are going through the same book, with helpful discussion, right now.

If you are not quite sure or ready for your test drive, diving in a small group setting, it’s OK! You can still find support and direction each weekend. Give Journey Church Cynthiana worship gatherings, a try. I promise, we are sharing messages from the Bible which you can relate with, clearly apply and understand.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we share part two from our series, LIVING BEYOND MYSELF. We are looking inside the the Bible for practical instructions for being MY best version possible in this life. Last weekend we explored (John 13) Jesus, the taking on the humble role of a servant washing disciples dirty feet. If you missed that lesson it is available on website and Journey Church Cynthiana FB page.

Can I ask you a question? Have you ever attended a church and felt like maybe you were in over your head? Have you ever felt like maybe, you weren’t good enough? Have you wondered if you had the right stuff to serve on a church team as a leader or volunteer?

Hey, this weekend we will help clear up a few things; maybe a mystery for people who have felt church is not for me? If you want a little sneak peak, take a look at 1 Peter 2:9 in your Bible or Bible App. Turns out, every Jesus follower has a place on Jesus’ team. This is not like a select sports team of gifted athletes ONLY.

Jesus Church is not an exclusive membership for semi-professional players. Instead, His idea for church gatherings is more like a fun, recreational league for everyone. You know, where every player, even amateurs are encouraged to sign up! If any of this sounds remotely helpful, set aside an hour this weekend and join us. Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am.

Hey, maybe you KNOW someone = a friend with a Jesus relationship but are just not active in a church with other Jesus people? What if people don’t feel like they fit in at a church scene any longer? What if they feel they don’t have the right clothes, sing the right songs, live in the right house, go to the right school, for hanging out around church people? What if we could clear that up? Would you HELP?

Maybe you can ask if they would be YOUR guest? How about this weekend? In your best ever smile, just say: “Hey, let’s do church together, this weekend?” Tell them, we’re regular people, still figuring out the WHO… who God wants us to be each day!

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