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Who Knew?

Apparently it is one of those little known facts about people? When I tell you what it is, you are going to smile. Lot’s of people cannot whistle. If you were to Google the words, “Teach me to whistle,” 8,750,000 results appear. A four minute YouTube video offers advice, “How to whistle in 3 easy steps.” It seems lots of people never learned how to hold our mouth and lips just right for a whistle to be produced.

Maybe even more surprising, did you realize God can whistle? No really, I mean it. There is a verse in the Bible we’ll take a look at this weekend, when God whistles. No kidding, I hope you can join us and check this out. If this interest you, why not make plans to join us in person or online and invite a friend as our guest. We offer two options for you to consider when scheduling Journey worship weekends on your calendars. You can step inside or hop online Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am.

What should you expect when you arrive? Journey Community Christian Church is a place most everyone can feel they are welcome. We’re not wanting to sound boastful, but most people do choose to come back again. We like to say, “if you come three times, you’re stuck.” This place is contagious in a good way. It is exciting and feels like something is happening when you arrive.

We have friendly people you will safely meet at the front door and at our Journey Coffee Bar. Our discussion is relevant each weekend with topics which help us address real life issues today. Our current Spring series is titled, God did WHAT? You are not going to believe what God is trying to say to you/me today?

If this is starting to sound like a place you would like to experience, firsthand, give us a shot THIS weekend. We’ll take maybe 30-45 minutes of your time in the Bible and consider a few of God’s favorite methods for getting our attention. What if God is not at all, like what we first imagine? He sometimes will implement weird and wacky tactics wanting to reveal Himself to people like us.

When you join us for a worship gathering at Journey Church you will find our music is similar to the songs we might listen to on KLOVE radio during the week driving to work. Our dress code is relaxed and many people find jeans and a button down shirt, just right for them.

If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for in your life during COVID19 concerns, why not give us a chance (in person or online) to get better acquainted. We really are better together, as we have been saying for months and months. Join in this weekend and you will get to learn where that verse is in the Bible, when God whistled! Who knew? Go God!

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