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“Listen as Wisdom calls out! Hear as understanding raises her voice! Proverbs 8:1 NLT

Whatever your politics or worldview, clearly people everywhere need to seek more wisdom from above. Current world affairs with Russian military forces fighting to overtake and conquer Ukrainian forces has EU countries on high alert. Wisdom is needed by everyone involved for deescalating this developing humanitarian crisis in Europe. No one is clear the outcomes at this moment. War at times becomes a necessary evil.

Globally and locally the last two years of a pandemic have strained mental health issues for people, all ages and nationalities. Everyone I know has been fatigued at times by constant changes in COVID19 health concerns. Even, now as the world is returning to a more “normal” experience, anxiety remains. Wisdom is needed by those who have authority for implementing policies which enable people to move about freely once again.

This weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana we take a look in the Bible for guidance on DIFFICULT PEOPLE. Sometimes we are difficult people! Join us Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am. This new series is relevant and helpful for everyone desiring more wisdom from God in our confusing world today.

Who hasn’t felt the impact? Marriages and families struggled at times finding a rhythm that worked. Single people never married, or divorced, or widowed surely have been even more vulnerable to isolation. Healthy parenting became more challenging, working off location, using virtual offices in kitchens and bedrooms. God’s wisdom is needed more than ever for all people to transition back into a more “normal” flow of life.

Churches, just like families and small businesses, felt the impact of different dynamics with fewer people in person. Even though the needs of people were increasing throughout this period of global challenges, resources and volunteers were fewer. Budgets were under funded and paid staffs became smaller in size. Every family and team were forced to wear multiple hats and perform additional duties.

There may be an upside to everything which has happened. Many people have discovered, rediscovered = how vital to trust God more! As new people and returning people arrive again in person and online at front doors of Churches everywhere, God’s wisdom is renewed and hope is reborn!

Join us this weekend as we share relevant Biblical insights for handling overly needy people! We will share God’s wisdom for addressing messy situations where people become enabled by our genuine efforts to help everyone.

Don’t forget the clock is ticking down. Easter is almost here - just 45 days! Pray now and ZOOM IN. Pray for wisdom to invite that ONE person… joining us at Journey Church weekend for Easter 2022!

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