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Word Power

Word games can be addictive. Have you heard of Wordle? This is a simple online puzzle game that is taking the world by storm. You have six chances to guess the day’s secret five-letter word. Each time you guess, you’re told which of your chosen letters are in the target word, and whether they are in the right place.

Wordle was first released in 2021 as a web-based word game, created and developed by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle. Since 2022, Wordle has been owned and published by The New York Times Company. If you like word puzzles and have a competitive spirit, this daily word game is for you. The aim is to figure out the secret word with the fewest guesses. When you surpass your six guesses, your string of successful days (words) is broken. Your winning streak is busted. You must begin building your streak all over.

On average, we speak around 16,000 words per day. Words have power for good or bad. Words have consequences. Our words can build up or tear down. The Bible describes our words having tremendous power. “The tongue has the power of life and death…” Proverbs 18:21a NIV.

Knowing the power of our words should cause us to choose carefully. However, unlike Wordle with only six chances to get the right word, God gives ample time for new discovery. It’s never too late for anyone. God will help us find best/better words for building and restoring relationships with Him and each other in our world today.

So, what kind of words should we speak/share? Well, just imagine a Wordle puzzle. Let’s fill in a few boxes together. Join us this weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana and bring a seat buddy. It will be fun, we promise. We launch a new Spring series, and are calling it, ELEMENTS.

This series will help to answer: WHY we do what we do in church? We have five words each weekend (like a Wordle puzzle) found in the Bible which reveal more clearly God’s specific instructions and purpose for His Church and followers each week. (This will be something like discovering the key ingredients in Grandma’s recipe book for her favorite dishes).

If your church experience ever felt like a Wordle puzzle and left you thinking: “Hey, I must be missing the “secret code,” this series is sure to help! Join us this weekend as we discover a few of Jesus words which affirm, show affection, then point us to God, and finally help us point others to God.

Jesus has such a way with words. Join us and check out more.. Journey Sat@6p, or Sun@10:30am. See you then….

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