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“A man looked up from his hospital bed and said to his wife: ‘You’ve always been with me when I have had trouble. When I lost my shirt in a poor investment, you were there. When I had that car accident, you were with me. I got fired and you were there. I’ve come to the conclusion: YOU’RE BAD LUCK!’ ”

Now that everyone is moving around again, traveling, planning vacations, mingling with more people, there are more opportunities for mistakes and misunderstandings. Our words can shape the day in positive or negative vibes in a hurry. The truth, people just like us (human race) are a bit difficult to work with at times. Our words can have negative consequences.

This weekend Journey Church Cynthiana begins a new four week series, Difficult People. I chose this topic because most of are feeling the strain of pent up emotions after the last couple of years. Our words and actions may betray us, preventing a joyful experience in our daily walk-around life.

With more personal freedoms, comes more responsibility. This weekend we take a peek inside the Bible, finding helpful direction during these unusual times. We can unwrap and discover better responses for handling the Critical People we meet each day.

If you’ve ever had a bad experience in the check-out line because of shortages on the shelf, this series will help bring fresh perspective. Or maybe you’ve felt frustrated when trying to find a customer service representative in your favorite clothing store, walking aisle to aisle, no one in sight! And with fewer servers working, who hasn’t waited longer for a table inside a restaurant? Yikes, what’s going on? Where has everyone gone?

If you are ready now for a little positivity and encouragement after repeated setbacks in life, this relevant Bible series can help! Join us at Journey Church and bring a GUEST for our worship gathering weekend. In person and online numbers are once again growing at Journey Church Sat@6pm and Sun@10:30am.

We continue meeting new people, nearly every weekend. Many return to learn more and volunteer to serve other people. People who matter to God and matter to us. Our mission is to keep connecting with new people seeking God; it is our passion. If you are ready to try something a little different this year, just hop online or step inside Journey Church for a weekend.

This place might be for you! Frequently, through generosity and kindness we meet new friends. We try to do things Jesus would do. We try to say the things Jesus would say. We like to greet everyone we meet by saying, WELCOME to Journey. Then we go out of our way to be nice. It’s nice to be nice!

Handling difficult people. Let’s do this…. We are better together….

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