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Worthy Adventure

Connie and I lived in the Permian Basin oil fields of West Texas for twenty one years. Our church family were nearly all, transplanted, temporary residents in Midland, Texas. Just like Connie and I and three kids. Their careers in the oil industry brought them to the city. Youth Ministry brought Connie and I there.

With our many new friends we met, unlike Kentucky, where our families lived for generations, the people we met moved a lot. Their oil career promotions would take them to larger cities every 3-4 years. Then families often returned to Midland, two or three times, with higher level jobs they had earned in the business. Locations like Dallas, Houston, L.A., and Oklahoma City was often the tour these successful office workers enjoyed.     

We were a church family with an average attendance in the middle 200-250 range for all those years. People were always coming and going. This was good and bad. Growth was hard to maintain with so much turn-over. However, it was great seeing friends return often, rejoining our local church mission.

Connie and I are loyal to these relationships formed many years ago. We remain closest friends today with people we met in Midland. We still hear from them on social media and continue our conversations and friendships. On our bucket list is a reunion with as many of these folks as possible somewhere in the world, soon.    

A few of our closest friends from years together in Midland and ministry, still meet Connie and I, annually, in Texas, Colorado, and Kentucky. In the beginning, I knew nothing of the oil business. I grew up watching “The Beverly Hillbillies” on network TV.  I knew these TV actors had struck “liquid gold” by accident. Somehow, I knew that is not how it really happens. Still, I had never seen an oil well. I was a preacher from Kentucky and not a petroleum engineer.

How has this happened? I have performed baptisms, weddings for their kids and officiated at celebration of life services, and attended as a friend. We remain close after years of life, living in different cities, states and locations, but able to connected. What is the glue that sticks; which holds humans together, forever?  Want to know more?

Join us this weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana. In part three of the series, WORTHY… we discover loyalty is a thing. We must find within us a desire to be LOYAL to God and each other, until out last breath, no matter what.     

I knew nothing about oil wells, years ago. I discovered oil was King in Texas. Pump Jacks were everywhere. I overheard drillers speaking about drilling progress on their well.  I learned the oil industry is high risk, but great reward.

I learned a good life lesson from my drilling and engineer friends. It’s possible to invest gigantic amounts of revenue and resources; only to discover, “It’s a dry hole.” Yet, it’s also true, when you drill a high producing well, and you hit a “gusher,” it’s more than worth whatever was spent.

To write, share, and tell a WORTHY story you will be proud of and God will honor requires risk and reward. But, when relationships with God and people turn out good = it’s worth whatever was spent.

Are you LOYAL to what matters?      


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