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You Got This

Are you still trying to lose a little weight before that summer vacation at the beach? Why is it so hard to shed a few pounds? Have you been hoping to clean out those closets and get rid of a few things no longer important? Why does it take us so long to clear away things which just clutter up our lives?

Having a longer view of our life goals and finding renewed patience to wait a little longer can be so frustrating. We’ve grown accustomed to everything faster will be better. None of us likes to wait in line. This is true for our food service at a restaurant and also for a quicker word from God to our prayers.

We’ve all heard it said: “Silence is Golden.” Truth be known, there is a time when it really isn’t. Waiting for an answer from above can be really hard to do. Maybe we pray for a needed raise at work and the boss says, “There’s been some cutbacks and we’re going to have to let you go!” Now what!?!

Or, maybe you have consistently been praying for weeks about health issues or your marriage? Yet, nothing yet, no message it seems from God. We’re just people. It begins to make a person wonder, “Is anyone up there, listening?” Waiting for answers to our problems can wear a person down.

This weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana we take a look at part 4 of our summer series, KNOWING GOD. If you’ve ever felt like pulling your hair out - trying to get a plumber, this lesson will give you new hope in the world! Seriously, it takes the patience of Job to not give up.

We all need a little support and encouragement. Join us this weekend. You will find just what the doctor ordered. More positivity found in the Bible. God is working on stuff tight now. Turning things around for us. Just be patient and hang on!

Patience is a virtue to pursue. It is also the preferred plan which God uses, more often - than not, when answering our prayers.

God’s silence can be frustrating when an urgent matter needs resolved, sooner than later. Be patient and then hang on. Your request has not been lost in God’s email inbox somewhere in heaven.

You got this brother, sister! You can do this. We are better together. Hang on and keep moving forward with God; He is leading us. Whatever setback you are currently dealing with, this might become God’s setup for a tremendous blessing, you can’t see!

Believe God more, follow God more, and trust God more. He is working on things right now. Turning things around. Keep repeating this: Knowing God BETTER makes everyone and everything BETTER !


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