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Weekly Enews

Yard Sales and Weddings

Having just watched my wife have her first yard sale at our home out in the country, I have a few thoughts.


June 18th, 2024

Got Anything?

If you are singer/songwriter with top ten hits, a writer of block-buster movie scripts...


June 11th, 2024


How about you? Are you a mistaker like me? No one gets it right all the time.


June 4th, 2024

Breaking the Ice

It feels like a hot summer day in Kentucky, even though it’s still springtime according to the calendar.


May 28th, 2024


“On October 16, 1987, in an event that had viewers around the world glued to their televisions...


May 21st, 2024


This week I am traveling a couple days. I will have to take a flight to another city. Flight delays are becoming a real problem.


May 14th, 2024

How Long, How Many

When I was a kid, (a long time ago) the dreaded daily nap was a battle in my mind.


May 7th, 2024

Building With Impact

We live in a world where a lot of time is spent hoping to build wealth.


April 30th, 2024

First Impressions

Tell me if this is how you feel: One bad experience at the McDonald’s drive-thru window and we’re headed to Wendy’s tomorrow.


April 23rd, 2024

Finding Help

How are you doing this morning? Many families in our community are trying to get back into their usual routines.


April 16th, 2024

Things To Know

If you are a licensed electrician you need to know the red wire is the hot wire and the black wire is the ground.


April 9th, 2024

Still Counting

Some days are just better than others. We get a good night’s sleep and the morning seems brighter.


April 2nd, 2024

Belonging Somewhere

How would you answer the question, Where are you from? Your response might depend upon your age.


March 26th, 2024

Treasure Seeker

I remember being a kid and looking for a random misplaced item in the bottom of our messy bedroom closet.


March 19th, 2024

Good Stories Continue

What is the answer for bad news? Good news. Simple, right? The shelf life for bad news is about 24 hours.


March 12th, 2024

What's Certain

“Death and taxes” is a phrase commonly referencing a famous quotation written by American statesman Benjamin Franklin


March 5th, 2024

Bird Feeder

I glanced outside the big picture window this morning at our home to check the bird feeder situation in the front yard.


February 27th, 2024

Baseball and Church

As a kid I was a huge baseball fan. I grew up with a treasure trove of baseball cards I had saved in an old cigar box.


February 20th, 2024

It's Not Magic

My wife gives private piano lessons. She has been playing piano since she was a small child.


February 13th, 2024

Grab Grace

This happens to me all the time. I told my wife about it, today. She said it happens to her also, often at the grocery store.


February 6th, 2024

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