Weekly Enews

Holding Our Cards

“Kenneth Ray Rogers (August 21,1938 - March 20, 2020) was a singer, songwriter, musician, actor, record producer, and entrepreneur.


January 25th, 2022

Swimming Upstream

“Salmon and other fish swim upstream because it is part of their reproductive life cycle.


January 18th, 2022

The Best is Yet to Come

If you are a homeowner with an older home, you know that maintenance issues become problematic over time.


January 11, 2021

The Gap

Where did Cumberland Gap gets its name? Kentucky is my birthplace and I grew up watching actor Fess Parker portray Daniel Boone on the TV series from 1964-1970.


January 4th, 2022

Happy New Year

“Blessed are those who are generous…”


December 28, 2021

Christmas Around the World

This year, following a Thanksgiving day meal with family, a couple of our grandchildren had a sleepover at our house.


December 21, 2021

Riding a Bike

Can you recall when you first learned how to ride a bike?


December 14th, 2021


The Bible is filled with real life stories of those who persevered, come what may! Hebrews 11 records what is often described as God’s “Hall of Fame” of faithful followers.


December 7th, 2021

Incidental Contact

In football, on-field referees closely watch for any premature contact between a defensive player and an offensive pass receiver from the opposing team.


November 30th, 2021

What Now?

Have you ever rummaged through your closet looking for something?


November 23rd, 2021

What To Do?

When a football team underperforms and doesn’t play up to their ability, losing a game they should have won, what do coaches do next?


November 16th, 2021

The Handoff

In a football game the quarterback is careful when
handing off the ball to his running back.


November 9th, 2021

Lasting Impact

I have a confession to make. Math was never my strongest subject in school.


November 2nd, 2021

Five Star Review

Recently, on my drive home from the office, I scanned FM radio for some music.


October 26th, 2021

Goals: Part 2

Last week I shared an article about Admiral William H. McRaven (U.S. Navy Retired), former Navy SEAL commander.


October 19th, 2021


Are you a goal-oriented person? Do you achieve more with personal goals? I am now thinking we may need more clearly defined goals


October 12th, 2021

Vital Church

If you have been around Journey Community Christian Church the last few weeks...


October 5th, 2021

Come What May

The Duncan family is preparing for a Celebration service of my dad’s life, on Thursday, September 30th. Dad passed away early Sunday morning after battling heart failure these last few months.


September 28th, 2021

Jesus Is Enough

Do you ever get discouraged? What can I say in response? Just three words and 13 letters: JESUS IS ENOUGH.


September 21st, 2021

Now, Not Later

You can just just tell. If you’ve ever eaten at a five-star restaurant with a world-renowned chef in the kitchen, you know something is different.


September 14th, 2021