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Can we just start with this?  Everyone could use a little wisdom these days. We are in a terrific series with some fresh and relevant thoughts from Proverbs wisdom words in the Bible. So far we’ve discovered everything in life flows from the teaching in this verse:

“Fear of the LORD is the foundation of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.” Proverbs 1:7 NLT

The beginning of wisdom and knowledge for all of us is our respect, honor, and fear of God who makes all things possible. Our life is not impossible. The path forward is to 1-  pick God as the main event. Next we should 2-  pick friends who will be truthful, when we are of-base, not flatter us. Next up is 3-  pick words which build life, not destroy life. Then 4-  pick healthy boundaries in our physical relationship as men and women.

This weekend from Proverbs we learn to 5-  pick wise invests of our resources; God first and then others. People have always complained the only thing a church every talks about is your money. Or another common feeling is the church is only after your money.

Money is another one of those difficult topics in the Bible to discuss without creating even more misunderstanding. If this is your fear, let me help. I guarantee our Journey Church Cynthiana message regarding the “M” word will not give you a bellyache or headache when you leave.

Join us this weekend and bring a friend. This message will revolutionize the way people often feel about money. Before we get much further into 2024 let this weekend message guide you through steps to be wiser with your personal investments this year. Your friends will thank you for inviting them to check things out.

Tell everyone if this message on money doesn’t make you feel better, Journey will TREAT YOU to lunch!  How’s that for a promise to find good vibes this weekend? This is not like pulling teeth or getting a root canal. You will be blessed to discover vital wisdom in the the Bible for your money and your future.

Go God!

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