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Finding Purpose

Last weekend, Connie and I visited a friend on their small family farm. Just a few acres of land neatly mowed like a beautiful lawn. A small barn was located in the middle of the farm. As we walked along foot paths, speaking with the owner, enjoying conversations, we stumbled upon a newborn fawn, curled against a barn door. The baby deer looked lost, weak, and frightened.

The owner of the property was able to get some help. The small farm owners daughter began nursing the baby deer with fluids. A local animal rescue now has the fawn and will provide longer term care. I am smiling as I share this story with you today. It feels so good to help in the rescue process of any creature; wild animal or human. There is something within us; made in the image of God. We desire to be nice, be kind, helping even the smallest creature.

I am glad that little baby deer mattered to my friend and his daughter with the small family farm.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we’ll wrap up our current summer series, VALUED, people matter most! Over several weeks we’ve looked inside the Bible for direction and Truth; asking important questions. Things like this: What is a person to do when there is no mapping to guide us? What happens to the person who slips off the grid; losing the support and care from others?

The big idea we’ve shared each weekend is don’t give up. We can find a little HELP - renewing our HOPE. Especially when doubts regarding our worth and value in the world, creep into our thoughts.

We’ve discovered renewed HOPE is possible once again. The Bible is filled with the stories of people like us. Week #1- even people with moral failure have value. Week #2 - even Moms on Mother’s Day have value. Week #3 - even people who are desperate - contemplating death have value. Week #4 - even people who have lost all dignity have value.

And this final weekend of the series for Week #5 - even people who become social outcast - because of limitations & physical handicaps have value.

Just like the tiny little newborn fawn, becoming separated, crippled, injured, or wounded; this can be the reality for people also. What can we do for spiritual healing? Where can we find inspirational stories of others who have overcome? Where can we find True value in our world again? Where can anyone find long term support and care to become a healthy person?

If this sounds helpful and supportive to you right now, join us this weekend in person or online. Bring a guest - invite a guest to check things out in the Bible with our final episode. Jesus sends out an invitation to everyone.

Especially for people who look lost, weak, and frightened. Just tell others - YOU are valued. Come and See.


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