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Just Right

If you are the primary cook and bottle washer in the kitchen at your house, hats off to you for a job well done. Being a capable Chef for family meals is a skill to be admired. Many of our grandmothers/mothers spent years refining family recipes. Baking and mixing ingredients with just the right amounts took years to develop.

My grandmother (Lucy Duncan) made the best homemade biscuits in the world. I still remember her grabbing a pinch of flour each morning to roll out the dough. She never needed a measuring cup. After years of practice in the kitchen her fingers knew exactly the recipe for brown, flaky biscuits.

Controlling our tongue is something like trying a new recipe, it is hard to get it just right. Either we say too much, or not enough. World class cooking is an art and skill to be praised by everyone. Finding the right amount of words in every situation is also a skill which can be learned like baking bread.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we are taking a look at the Book of James in the Bible. Chapter three is loaded with practical ingredients for controlling our tongue. It is written much in the same way as a favorite recipe to follow in the kitchen.

If you have been battling and searching for years with your tongue, and who hasn’t? Join us this weekend in person or online. Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am. Maybe this would be a great topic for you to INVITE a guest to join us also? I promise this is one of those subjects in the Bible that everyone would like a little support; hoping to discover just the right formula to communicate more effectively. This lesson is sure to help guide you.

The Tongue is not impossible but we will need some help. We are better together. Tell someone, "no one gets it right all the time. We’re not Jesus. It’s ok not to be ok. God will work with us. He for us and not against us. Our best version is possible. We’re never impossible."

Hoping you are smiling today and are ready to join us at Journey Church Cynthiana weekend worship gathering. Most people like this place when they show up and want to come back again. Let’s do this. See you at the Journey front door or online for a look at the Book of James.

I’m going to share some Bible recipes for the tongue which taste way better than we might imagine; something “just right.”

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