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Lost Things

My wife accidentally locked her key fob in her car. It was last Sunday morning, I had already left home. I normally come early to help prepare for weekend worship. She texted me to come back and pick her up. This was not the start to her day she had anticipated. Losing things we need can really upset our plans.

Like most newer vehicles today, there is only (1) key FOB for each car. No spare key hidden behind the license plate like the old days. Happily the crisis was later averted by our nephew who is a local fireman. He came to the rescue and was able to quickly open her door Monday morning after his shift at work.

He was her hero. Literally, people who open locked doors, first responders of all kinds, and those dispatching daily emergency calls are such a blessing in a crisis. Shout out to everyone who serves people in any capacity. You guys and girls rock!

Where would we be without others who help us find lost things! Losing things, misplacing things like our keys, our phone, our shoes, can be very annoying. Often, it is expensive when we are unable to find them or retrieve them.

What about those instances when, WE become lost? Those who help find us in a time of distress are also to be praised. This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we’re peeking once again into the Bible in Exodus. This is the familiar story of Moses who led the people of Israel to the Promise Land of Canaan. Their journey however was not without obstacles.

This weekend we’ll take a look at their season of wandering. God’s family were promised a new home, “flowing with milk and honey.” Our current summer series, WHAT NOW is using Moses story for our own context in life today. What can we do when our life seems to go off the map, off grid? What happens when it may continue for years?

Often our own seasons of waiting, wounded, wasting, & wandering bring up a lot of questions about God? Where is He? Why is He taking so long. Who is Jesus? And what is the Christian life really all about? We can begin to lose traction and feel stuck in place, in our own dry desert of concern.

The answer to all our life concerns are OFTEN resolved by answering a basic question about God: WHAT KIND OF GOD AM I LOOKING FOR?

If this sort of question is now, or ever been on your mind before, join us this weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana. I promise this message will be helpful and relevant to all of us. If you know someone who is struggling to move forward, frozen in indecision, this may be just what is need to laugh ahead.

Whatever is going on in your life this summer, we are better together. Let’s explore and dive onto the Bible for a few insights which really matter. It is such a relief when lost things, get found; especially if it is us.

“ ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the LORD. ‘They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.’ ” Jeremiah 29: 11 & 13 NLT

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