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Random Thoughts

Birthdays roll around quicker than we can imagine. It has always been that way. December 21 happens to be our granddaughter, Liv’s, 7th birthday. December 29 is our daughter, Stacy’s birthday. Lots of people have December birthday’s. Jesus birthday is in a few days and the whole world will remember December 25.

I have met lots of people today. Many of whim were strangers. We have been traveling to see our family at Christmas. Every person I’ve bumped into I’ve wondered about their birthday? Do they still celebrate them?  Do they like cake and ice cream or something else? Do they have family nearby to celebrate?

As this year winds down I have reflected upon many different random thoughts. Where is such and such, these days, haven’t seen them in years? You know, those sort of questions. Connie and I have been privileged to meet, know, and cherish so many relationships and friendships form our travels. Military life and ministry will take you around the world a couple times. We’ve made lifelong connections everywhere.

While many families are exchanging Christmas cards this week, catching up on news, others are dealing with unexpected illness. I just prayed for a family at a local hospital. I heard them tell me, “It’s been a very long year, with sickness.” I asked God to be with them no matter what happens next. I believe, Jesus is enough. Whatever is next. I am encouraged and thankful this family believes also.

Christmas reminds us, Jesus born in Bethlehem, Immanuel, God with us, is enough now and forever more. God always has a plan. He had a plan in Bethlehem. It was not the birth Joseph and Mary expected. It surely felt random, how can it be? No bed or room for Jesus birth? How might it be, so? No room in inn. It was exactly as God had planned for centuries. The prophets has predicted. It came to pass. It always does.

Join us for Journey Church at The Square - Christmas weekend services Saturday@6pm and Sun@10:30am. Bryan Martinez, Youth/Family minister, will challenge you to realize, turns out with God leading, nothing is random, not really.

God has an eternal plan for baby Jesus and everyone in the world. He is born.

Merry Christmas.         


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