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The Tab

Do you like surprises? What about good ones? Have you ever enjoyed a great meal and someone, unexpected, suddenly stepped in, and picked up your ticket? It feels so good when someone pays our bill. If you get a chance today try doing something nice, unexpected for another person.

Random acts of kindness to complete strangers can be a game changer. Kindness can change the mood of the entire day for someone. This weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana we’re taking a look at our current series, I BELIEVE.. If we follow Jesus... It is vital we know what we believe so strongly... we would stake our life upon it.

What do we trust completely, without hesitation? What is True? In this series we have a short list of essential beliefs we are considering. There is a lot of information about God and the Bible and the Church. Our focus this weekend is a small list of thoughts from the Bible. We answer some why and how questions. Why is sin such a big deal? How can I get things cleared up with God?

If any of this sounds relevant and helpful to you or a friend join us this weekend at Journey Church Sat@6:30pm ore Sun@10:30am. I BELIEVE... it’s not over... we all need help... and Jesus is the only One who can clean things up. Jesus changes everything.

If you have been waiting for a little Good News we have some for everyone this weekend. Tell a friend come and check things out. This place will make you feel better than before you came inside. It’s like somebody picked up our tab at the table. Go God.

See you this weekend Journey worship in person and online. Continue yourself... It’s not over. We all need help... Jesus changes everything.


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