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72 Hours

If you are a fairly healthy person you are likely able to shake a common cold pretty quickly. Using over the counter medicine, fluids, and rest; most of us begin feeling much better in about 72 hours. If it is a particular bad cold and your immune system is run down our cold can linger for as much as 10 days. In the worst cases of colds we may need a doctor and prescription to return to normal health.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church in Cynthiana we’re taking another look at the Apostle Paul’s words in the Bible (Ephesians 3:14-21). We discover a second prayer for newer, still growing Jesus followers. The Apostle Paul prays for the church to become more energized and personally engaged. We are to share our Jesus message with others. The secret sauce is PRAY for more power to stay spiritually healthy. Like taking vitamins to stay physically healthy.

Power is a curious thing. Power can be abused and cause an accident on a busy highway/ freeway. Power can also be used for heavy equipment moving around a lot of dirt, building new things. When traveling to our favorite vacation spot an airplane gets us to our chosen destination sooner than cars, trains, or buses. Power, energy, and horsepower under control is a wonderful thing.

The Bible gives us clever insight for getting the most POWER out of our Jesus experience each day. The real power is possible when our Jesus relationship is growing, moving forward every day. A mechanical engine which is out of tune will begin to sputter and miss and lose power during hard jobs. When our prayer life is inconsistent we often being to “sputter” and lose some spiritual power in our life.

The Bible explains God wants our “spiritual engine” strong, so we may have more of God’s power. “I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.” Ephesians 3:16-17a NLT

People are not machines but we can lose energy and power pretty quick if something is going on with our “engine” (Jesus heart). We get started strong with Jesus in weekend worship. But moving about in every day life is like fighting with traffic, we begin to lose a bit of momentum. Usually about mid-week (72 hrs) our Jesus engines begin to “sputter.” Next, we may “sneeze and sniffle” (grumpy/complaining) like getting the worst cold.

When we lose power/energy we need to refill our Jesus tanks. If it is really bad, the dreaded D’s - (discouraged, depressed, defeated) settle in, and we need to get with a friend, coach, small group, or pastor who can help us get over things (like a doctor - not just cold meds in the cabinet) much faster. We are better together. Knowing this can get us back on the road to recovery much sooner.

Join us Journey Church weekend and we’ll outline with you God’s best plan for people like us staying energized and filled with God’s power each day. Go God!


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