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Fewer Regrets

What do you believe? How do you make important decisions? What might you tell someone else the “secret sauce” in life is about? I would say to others the single greatest factor for being more effective in our dreams, ambitions, and career choices is having God at the center of it all. Does this sound too simple? What if joy, happiness and peace is not so complicated after all?   

I am a minster/pastor; you would expect me to say something like this. What if it really is true? You don’t have to be a professional clergy to find Truth. I BELIEVE Jesus changes everything. More than any other single factor in the world, knowing what we know and believe about God, sin, Jesus, and the Bible is the most crucial information which exists, anywhere, for all time.

You may have a different viewpoint? We may agree on some points? I am a Christian. I believe God is actively working in our lives each day. I also believe we need to dream big, with clear plans and goals to measure our success. Most people agree mapping out a plan for the future is a good idea. I believe our plans, goals and processes should be compatible with God’s plans for our life. Do you?       

Do you have any regrets in life? Who doesn’t? We all have a few. Yet, we do not need to live with regrets, which haunt us forever. I am grateful even on my worst day YOU and I can KNOW God and Jesus in a personal relationship. Our faith in God, through Jesus reminds us, we’re forgiven. We find peace of mind and help, overcoming regrets through knowing Jesus.

Do you KNOW Jesus?

This weekend at Journey Church we’ll wrap up our series, I BELIEVE. Are you planning to join us at Journey Church Cynthiana? Or, your own church family, wherever you call home? What if this really is our best God-kind of decision after Easter?   


Easter weekend, Jesus was celebrated with new people, more people, and returning people all over the world. Easter is a thing. Let’s keep it going. Momentum is a thing.    

I believe… it doesn’t matter when you get to the Jesus party and celebration… just be sure you get there.

Join us this weekend for the last message from the series - I Believe… life is a process… we grow with Jesus… a little every day; and over time… we begin having fewer regrets!

Honestly, I think we just need Jesus.


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