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Come and See

Are you planning to join a worship gathering for Easter this weekend? Many people have penciled this in on their calendar for weeks now. I just spoke to one of my friends who said they were scheduled for work this weekend but asked to take the day off. Other people I know are traveling this Easter to be with family and friends; some far away. What about you?    

If you are local and nearby to Journey Community Christian Church in Cynthiana we would love to host you as our guest for Easter 2024. We’ve spent weeks trying to prepare for your arrival. We are hoping to make your Easter experience a memorable event in your life. Whatever you may have heard or experienced in the past about Easter, good or bad, why not give Jesus another look and see, this year. This could be the turnaround moment you’ve been waiting for all year.

The best way to discover what Easter is all about, what the fuss is all about, is to just come and see for yourself. I have some Journey friends who will experience Easter 2024 in other countries this time. They are planning to be a guest in an Easter service in a foreign country. How cool might that be. Other friends will be on vacation this year in locations where God’s beauty in creation will be the backdrop of their Easter morning. Wow, God.

There are multiple ways we might discover Jesus message for everyone this Easter. Just find a gathering of Jesus followers nearby and step inside. Or, if you are a late riser and enjoy your PJ’s and coffee on the couch, watch Easter online with a streaming service. Just about anyone can find the message of Jesus, risen from the tomb in 2024. Jesus is the Main Event all over the world. He is the trending story on social media, coffee shops, grocery stores, or city parks where people are walking their dogs.

When we listen closely, we’ll hear Jesus' Name. Jesus' love for the world is unstoppable. Really, just check things out this year. Come and See.      

What do you hope for?  A friend of mine said, More, in 2024.”  More people, more smiles and excitement about Jesus, Risen from the grave. He is alive. I Believe in Easter. Do you? I hope so. If not, it’s OK. Even Jesus' own disciples were reluctant to believe Jesus was alive after the Cross and the Tomb. If you are uncertain, or even a skeptic of sorts, regarding Easter, you’re in good company. What if it is true? Wouldn’t you want to know?

Lot’s of people start out there, doubting and wondering, 'How can this be true?' The Good News is (1 Corinthians 15:1-4) most people, once the’ve taken a deeper dive, closer look at the Bible and Jesus' Church, they’ve become convinced = Jesus really is, Who He says, He is!

Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, writes in his latest book, “I might be wrong, but I don’t think so!”        

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing this Easter weekend, give God a chance to show up in your life and heart in a bigger way. Open your eyes and look around at the beauty of creation. Listen to soothing melody of music and songs. Breathe in deeply the air, filling your lungs.

Ask God to show you His love this year. My prayer is God will help you see Jesus this Easter 2024. God loves you. Come and See.


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