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Unexpected Moments

Life has some moments with feel good vibes, hard to explain. There are games your team is not playing their best. Suddenly, a turn-around, momentum shift begins and your favorite player wins the game at the buzzer. Let the celebration begin.

I’ve been doing this thing with God and people for a long time. I’ve seen this pattern before. In our everyday life God is setting us up. He loves guiding people who are struggling in the worst kind of game-time situations — into unexpected blessings—victory. Temporary setbacks often become a forever setup for something good. I call that a God wink.

This just happened. I was in the Journey office with a Journey friend. I was coaching and counseling. My phone unexpectedly rang. It was a local number. I never answer my phone if it is a random number. Never, ever. I screen all my robo-calls, scam calls, and unknown caller ID calls.       

I always listen to a voice message if they leave one. I call them back if it is legit and not a sales pitch or bogus call. For some reason, this morning, I answered my phone when it rang. The caller was a local medical person at our hospital. She was looking for some assistance to help a new mom needing a carseat to bring her new baby home.

I exchanged a few details regarding how Journey helps people all the time from our Tide Jug pocket ministry with $100 almost every week. I got information on where to meet the caller at the hospital in 15 minutes with a $100 check. When I met the healthcare person I handed off the check and two bundles of baby diapers. We just happened to have those at Journey Church for give-away last weekend. Everyone at the hospital was all smiles. They were glad we could partner and help a new mom and her baby.

As I walked away with a new friend, I said, “It’s nice to be nice!” I have no idea how the healthcare person at the hospital got our name and my number. She just said, “I was told to call Journey Church.” Then my cell phone rang. What I thought may be a scammer and setback, interrupting my time…in reality was a cool setup to help a mom needing a little assistance with a car seat. Wow, God!

This weekend at Journey Church we kick-off a new series, titled, I BELIEVE. Might I be so bold to ask, “What is it you believe so strongly, you would stake your life on?” For several weeks, leading us into Easter weekend, we’ll explore some pretty ridiculous, audacious, and bold statements in the Bible about God and His love for people.

Turns out, God like to give out His subtle “winks” in unexpected moments. If you are a bit negative, maybe a natural pessimist, doubter, or skeptic of God’s ability to turn-things-around in your despair, why not give God another look? What do you have to lose? What if God were to use your set-back for His next set-up? What if God’s Truth and Light in the Bible really changed your outlook?

What if Jesus, Son of God and our Savior really does push away the darkness and gloom for people all the time? Are you in? Curious yet? Bring a guest and check it out.


Join us this weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana. Part 1 - I BELIEVE…. It’s not over!


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