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Are you the person who reads the instructions inside the box before fixing something? Building something? My wife is a classic example. She likes to do the homework. Before beginning the job she’ll read it, research it, Google it, and YouTube video it. She just watched a bunch of YouTube video about “How to replace the surge valve on a 2013 Ford Fusion.” For several weeks she’s been on a mission to find a “fix” for a mechanical problem with her car.

She took her car to a couple local mechanic shops. They could never identify the problem. Like going to a dentist for a toothache. We get there and it stops hurting. Her car wouldn’t malfunction when she took it to the shop. Finally, she listened to YouTube videos with other people who had similar cars and similar problems. She found help “trouble shooting” the problem. Convinced she had found the issue, she took her car back; informing the mechanic what the problem must be. It worked. Jackpot.     

No more engine warning or dash light; fixed it. No more engine chugging. You Go Girl. She gets into the “weeds” and details of the problem. Just saying.

Myself, on the other hand, I’m not the “read it, research it first,”guy. I’m more of the picture guy. Draw me a picture. If you hand me the cereal box and say, “3 Easy Steps” before putting it together, I’ll just throw away the instructions and look on the back of the box. Just saying.

I don’t think it’s a guy thing or girl thing. It’s just a thing. Some of us like details; others, not so much. What happens when you have too many details?  Or just the opposite; not enough?    

Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, German born architect, circa late 1800’s, early 1900’s is credited with the phrase: “The Devil is in the details.” What did he mean? This proverbial saying implies when something appears simple, it’s probably more complex than we realize.

I convince myself I “know” what I’m doing. What appears simple, may not be so simple. Just saying. I end up making something worse.

This weekend we wrap up our current series, WORTHY, letting God write our story. This time we take a look in the Bible at Abraham. He is a guy who was given a project, a mission from God, but without all the details. Zero, zilch. No map to follow. Just trust God more.

If you are ready to grow a little deeper faith with God, this lesson will surely inspire. Whether a guy or a girl, everyone needs a little coaching and instruction. This final episode and message from the Bible is going to be relevant for everyone.

Join us and bring a seat buddy. We have a couple options. If you are not a BIG crowd person, try our Journey Sat@6pm. If you like to mingle and say hello to people, our Journey Sun@10:30am is a good fit. Just get here. Early or late and bring somebody. God is for everybody. Not everybody knows.   

Abraham was instructed by God to GO. Tell everybody God is ENOGH. Wait for it. He will give us more details when we’re ready for it. When life has few details, no address, no timeline to travel, just trust God and then GO in faith.

Let’s Do it NOW!  See you at Journey this weekend in person and online. Go God.


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