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Always for the Better

If you’ve got a gym membership and are actively using it, the question we may have is, “Is this working? I’m spending a lot of money. Am I controlling my weight? Am I feeling healthier?” When we begin a medical treatment we ask the doctor, “Will this fix or cure whatever is wrong?” When our young adult chooses a college major every parent wonders, “Will this degree help them get a good job in the future?”

Many of us approach God and His Church in a similar fashion. We have legitimate questions. We need more information. We may wonder if the time and resources invested in a regular gathering place with other Christians will really pay-off? Will rearranging a busy schedule be worth the trouble, juggling things around? These are all valid questions to consider.

This weekend I am launching a short, there week series which I hope will help us answer a few of these kind of things. I hope you are able to carve out some time and join us, I realize it is not automatic. If we invest something, we want something in return. I promise you will walk away feeling more confident about the future.

I am a pastor. But, even if I wasn’t - I would still have strong opinions about God and the Bible and His Church. I was convinced long ago, giving our focus, time, talent, and treasure to fresh discovery of God’s Word will always make our life better. I am 100% confident when we consistently focus on Jesus and His Church our world becomes more possible.

I think sometimes we have made God too complicated. My goal in this new series is to make a few simple, direct, focused and hard to resist conversations about God, Jesus, Sin, and the Church. Jesus never bored people in a message or conversation. He did however challenge people to change and try something better, much better. How did He do that? Besides being the Son of God, I mean. How do we keep Jesus Church alive? Never boring today? Here’s a little insight.

Knowing Jesus more deeply becomes the first step. We have to personally own what we BELIEVE about Jesus. Not just what family & friends have told us. Then, LISTEN aggressively to God’s guidance and direction. We have to be coachable. Pay close attention to God’s direct voice for you - found in the Bible. Finding clarity from the message of God each day is a game changer. This is step two. Finally, step three is to begin to trust God more, with everything. Big and little stuff - all stuff. This is when our life begins to SOAR and take off.

God is not complicated. Getting to know Him in a personal way, we start to thrive, not just survive, finding our purpose/mission. So, are you in? Will you come and check things out? How about giving God 3 weeks in a row? Have you tried that before? See what He might do? Most people who come to Journey consecutively 3 weeks in a row - never leave.

Here is a message you will clearly hear: God is for YOU. He gave Jesus, His only Son, so we can be a miracle on earth and in heaven, when we die. The next move is YOURS.

It’s not complicated. Our every day, walk-around life with God is always better - always worth it. See you this weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30a. Bring a seat buddy and let's get started.


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