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Bad Habit

Having a critical spirit is a bad habit. Everyone has a few. Criticism often becomes contagious, spreading negativity. Social media is one of the worst places for bad vibes. Too much online time, reading critical comments, just ruins our day. We can carry this home each day after school and work. Complaints which lead to constant criticism ruins the mood around our dinner table.

What is the answer? Many people have decided to screen their online activity during the day. Some are choosing to limit the number of hours spent scrolling through information. In some instances, less media time is better for better moments in our day. People who constantly criticize others, often do not realize the damage they are doing!

Why do we do it? One cause is jealousy of others success. We refuse to be happy for them. This leads to resentment. I am discussing this topic this weekend at Journey Church in our current series, ZIP IT. Step inside our front door or hop online for more insight, changing up bad habits.

I’m not an expert but we’ve all seen the damage to relationships when complaining and critical worlds get loose in a room. Our relationships with people begin to suffer. Friendships wear thin like an old set of tires which become worn because of poor alignment. People we care about are effected by our words like fuel mileage when our engine needs a tune-up.

If you have dreams and goals for your teams success be careful with your words. Criticism will mess up your team chemistry. Here’s one piece of advice from an expert:  Barney Fife would say, on an episode of Andy Griffith, “Nip it in the bud!”

If you’re ready to grab a cup of coffee and maybe a few relevant ideas with other friends, Journey Church Cynthiana will save a seat for you. Somehow it seems better, together. We can sort out things in our discussion from the Bible. We discover wisdom words which guide our thoughts and help prevent negativity and sarcasm which become toxic critical words.

Our mission at Journey Community Christian Church is to partner with you. We want the best possible version for each of us. We believe Jesus changes everything. If you are willing to give us an hour of your time, our promise is always the same. You will leave Journey worship times feeling more positive and confident than ever before.

God is bigger. Bigger than our habits which are hard to change. Jesus changes even our habit life for the better.

See you this weekend at the Journey front door. Come as you are - but leave even better! It’s a Journey guarantee.

Turns out, more God really works for everyone.


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