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If you are currently considering a summer job change, without question the benefit package is important to consider. Before anyone signs a contract on a new home purchase we look over specific numbers about mortgage and interest rates. When someone is soliciting our business for a donation the owner expects some positive impact for the donor.

What I find all the time when speaking with people about family life, everyone is always quite busy. We have more tools than ever for making time at weekly work and chores more efficient. However, we seem to keep adding more tasks to be done as we improve our time efficiency for completing things.

Thus, it appears, most everyone is still busy each day. So here’s the conundrum for busy people like us. When inviting new people to check things out at Journey Community Christian Church many folks would really like to do that. However, their schedules are truly packed with work, school, recreation, home life, house maintenance, yard work, and a myriad of others things the to-do-list.

Before we can juggle things in our busy life and schedules most of us want to discover what benefits will be found in doing so. Good call. If you are wondering why bother with regular weekend church gatherings again; asking yourself, is it really worth the effort? Good Call.

If you will give me a couple minutes to finish this short article I’ll suggest 4 legit benefits to consider - WHY we should make church a priority in already busy schedules.

Here’s the background you should know. This weekend at Journey Church we continue the summer series, FORGOTTEN VIRTUES. And this time we’ll explore and discover relevant, helpful direction in the Bible for a virtue called INTEGRITY. A working definition of integrity might be this: Integrity is when our behavior matches our beliefs.

We’re living in a time when people can do anything. If you want to train and become an astronaut, flying to the moon there are people working on that right now. Let’s be honest though, we have opportunity to do almost anything, but no one can do everything. We do have to make choices with 24 hours each day how to use them for our dreams and ambitions.

We say this often at Journey Church, just be simple church, not complex, fancy or cool. Be church that is not too high or too low on the shelf for people to reach the “good stuff.”

So, here we go. 4 basic reasons WHY to include regular church in our overloaded family schedules. 1- You can walk closely with God; 2- You have a built-in guide; 3- You have constant peace in your heart; 4- You gain trust, respect, honor, and influence.

That’s all I got. If this sounds reliant and helpful in your life right now, come and check things out this weekend. In person and online. Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am.

God and Church has benefits. Hope to see you.


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