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Buckle Your Seatbelt

If you’ve ever flown on a commercial airline, you know the routine. Wait in the gate area for your plane to begin boarding. If you have been waiting for an hour or so, wait some more. Your flight was probably delayed with weather or mechanical issues. Once you finally get the OK from the airline representatives to begin boarding, everyone rushes to get in line.

It’s a bit of a test that we not grow impatient and anxious while waiting. We pace the boarding area, walk the concourse, visit the restrooms while waiting for our flight to begin. We hope our flight to somewhere enjoyable is finally ready to go.

Everyone who has flown, or is picking up someone who has flown, realizes, flying is great - except for all the waiting. Waiting to board, waiting to taxi, waiting to find my seat, waiting to get my luggage stored overhead. Then when arriving at your destination there is still, more waiting. We wait to stand up and wait some more. Waiting our turn to exit the plane. Then we have to wait for luggage to appear at the luggage carousel. Waiting at the airport is a test.

Waiting can begin to feel like wasted time. This weekend at Journey Church we’ll explore part three in our summer series from Exodus in the Bible. We look at Moses circumstance and find that he is waiting, wounded, and this weekend feeling like he is wasting his time.

If you’ve ever (and who hasn’t) felt like waiting for something to happen was a big waste of your time this lesson is sure to help. Everyone goes through seasons when we begin to feel stuck. Like Moses, wandering in a dry desert. Failure, disappointment and more waiting can begin to wear us down. We start to imagine, What Now? What if God is incapable of reaching me in time. That’s what happened to Moses.

Flying and traveling through life has a lot of standing around. It can feel frustrating as though we’re wasting time. Over the years when flying to a destination, then hearing announcements of my flight delayed, I’ve learned to make adjustments.

Waiting and wasting time can get on a persons nerves.

Maybe that’s what happens to all of us? Maybe that is what happened with Moses? He/We felt stuck in the/our desert called life. Waiting, wounded, and wasting time, we start to block out instructions which are helpful. Moses began ignoring God’s words for his safe travel through his desert.

People are just people. I’ve flown in bumpy weather. I now know when the pilot turns on the seat belt sign it is better to listen and cooperate. God holds us together when things get a little shaky or bumpy on our ride through life. Having God hold us firm and tight during the storms is like wearing your seat belt on the bumpiest plane ride, ever!

Check things out this weekend. The weather looks great; no turbulence. We’re cooking burgers and hot dogs for everyone right after Sunday worship. Treat on us. Stick around. Grab a plate and share a conversation over summertime food.

When our life and busy schedule gets a little shaky, God is our pilot. He helps us buckle in and sit back tight. Enjoy the Journey with us this weekend. Bring a seat buddy. It’s nice to be nice.


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