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Come in From the Cold

It was another frigid start to the day in Kentucky. As I closed the kitchen door and headed to the office it was a crisp 27 degrees outside. I passed a fella walking his dog in the city park. I’m hoping man and beast will be able to retreat indoors quick as possible. Those who work outside in winter weather have my total respect. Growing up on a small family farm, I still remember cold Kentucky winters; feeding animals and doing farm chores.    

This weekend Connie and I travel North (Canada) to be with our son and his family for Christmas celebrations. I am hoping it is not too frigid. Regardless, we look forward to having our hearts warmed again, seeing two of our (far distant) grandchildren. Virtual connections with FaceTime conversations are helpful when we can’t be together. However, nothing can replace in person time with one another. We look forward to seeing our Canadian family again.

If you are in town this weekend check out Journey Community Christian Church. Bryan Martinez, Youth/Family Minister at Journey has a terrific two-part Christmas series planned, Unexpected Christmas. If you are feeling a little fuzzy about your Christmas schedule and options this year - this message will relate perfectly. We are better together.   

And if you’ve been a Jesus follower online with our Journey streaming services, we invite you to check things out in person, if you can. We promise you’ll see warm, hearty smiles with friendly, handshakes as you arrive. You’ll also smell Fred’s Famous Coffee brewing on the Journey Coffee Bar. It’s a great place to make forever friends. Being warmed around smiling faces, sharing a hot coffee cup on cold December days is nice.

Let’s all stay warm, healthy, and keep Christmas simple this year. We were created to love God and each other sacrificially. “Jesus replied, ‘You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ ” Mt 22:37-39 NLT

Let’s love God even more at Christmas; let’s gather for worship (in person/online). Let’s give Him all the glory for what HE HAS DONE. Let’s remember He sent baby Jesus our Savior, born in Bethlehem. Then, let’s share Good News with everyone. Tell everyone God is FOR THEM - tell them (Go tell it on the mountain) and show them kindness and love - that’s what Christmas is all about.     

It really is nice to be nice. Some people feel frozen out by life’s circumstances. Others feel lonely, all alone. Just be the best human being possible to every man or beast; whomever they are. Warm a heart with your acts of kindness everywhere you may go.   

Merry Christmas. Help someone come in from the cold.


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