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Excessive Heat

The Weather Channel app headline reads, “Anatomy Of A Heat Wave.” Today, June 20th is the Longest Day of the Year. We will have 14 hours of daylight here in Central Kentucky today. Everyone has been talking about the current heat wave around the nation for the last several days. Record high temperatures are expected to be broken in places in the Northeast.

The excessive heat, which began in the Southwest last week, has moved across the nation and will make it all the way to Maine over the weekend. Cooling centers have been opened for major cities. Power grids are straining to keep up with usage of air conditioning increasing for days. The conclusion for most places in the USA this week: it is hot, wherever you live.

The excessive summer heat gives me an easy on-ramp for our Journey Church Cynthiana summer series. We are in a short series titled, YOU DON’T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES. In episode 1, we explored the question of every famous failure: You aren’t good enough! In episode 2 we explored:  You can’t please everyone!  This weekend in episode 3 we clear up another nagging issue:  You can’t handle it all!

This weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana we’ll wade right into relevant concerns people like us may struggle with occasionally. Sooner or later someone is going tell us, right or wrong,  you are in over your head. You don’t have enough experience for the job. Or, you don’t have enough resources to finish the project. Maybe someone has suggested we don't have many friends because we’re not very friendly.

Most of the time we’re pretty resourceful and find solutions to real life problems. But on occasion our physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual system is needing attention. Much like our AC unit running day and night, trying to keep up with extreme weather. People are just people. We eventually become overwhelmed.

Being a part of the human race, no one can handle everything, all the time. We’re not Jesus. Not even close. We need help at times. When our normal coping skills are overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, things will shut down. The systems and strategies we relied upon in the past are not working this time. We’re just people. Jesus changes everything. He gets us. Come and see.

Feeling the heat of a failed marriage, still looking for work, inflation got you counting your pennies?  Jump inside or online with us at Journey Community Christian Church on the weekend. Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am. I promise the air will be cool and Jesus words will be soothing relief.

Bring a seat buddy. Go God. See you at Journey Church Cynthiana.         


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